Established back in 1976, the Art Museum of the Americas offers one of the leading collections of Western Hemisphere art all under one roof. The museum, which is located in Washington DC, is also renowned for being the first art museum in the United States fully focused on works from Latin America and the Caribbean.

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The idea behind the Art Museum of the Americas was to bring together some of the greatest works from artists all around the western hemisphere, inspiring countless people and giving a platform and a voice to a long list of talented artists, with a big focus on key principles like diversity, passion, integrity, and excellence.

History of the Art Museum of the Americas

The Art Museum of the Americas was founded back in 1976. At the time, it was called the Museum of Modern Art of Latin America, and the idea of creating a United States-based museum based on works from Latin America had been in the works for several decades by the Organization of the American States (OAS). As time went by, the museum grew and expanded to include works from Caribbean artists too, adding a whole new dimension to its appeal and setting itself apart as one of the premier art museums not just in the Washington DC area, but in all of North America.

As a sign of the Art Museum of the Americas' growth, we need only look at the way in which its collection has expanded over time. When it first opened, the museum housed just 250 pieces. Now, in the modern era, it has almost 2,000 works in total and the collection continues to grow from year on year. The museum features both a permanent collection featuring a long list of works from renowned artists like Carlos Cruz-Diez, Pedro Figari, Leonel Gonzalez, Enrique Grau, Roberta Matta, Armando Morales, Emilio Pettoruti, and Candido Portinari, as well as shedding light on new, evolving exhibits from up-and-coming talents and emerging artists from around the Americas.

Visiting the Art Museum of the Americas

The Art Museum of the Americas is located at 201 18th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20006. Prospective visitors will be pleased to hear that the museum is totally free to enter, without any tickets or admission fees required. The museum is open up from Tuesdays through to Sundays, but is closed on Mondays and Federal Holidays, as well as on Good Friday. Once at the museum, you can browse the collection and exhibits at your leisure or choose to participate in a guided group tour.

The museum is easy to reach from surrounding areas like Virginia and Maryland, and various public transportation links connect the museum to the rest of DC. For example, if you'd like to visit the Art Museum of the Americas via the DC metro system, you simply have to head to the Farragut West station and step out via the 18th Street exit. Visitors may also choose to ride the bus, stepping out at the 18 and C Street, NW stop on the following lines: S1 and 80.

Friends of the Art Museum

The Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas (FAMA) is the name given to a non-profit association that supports the museum by organizing various fundraising events and helping to spread the word and raise awareness about the good work being done at the museum each and every year. FAMA runs various receptions, concerts, and other special events at various times throughout the year to support the museum, and if you'd like to help out too, donations are accepted and easily made online.

You can also choose to sign up for membership and become part of FAMA yourself, with various tiers of membership available at different price levels like 'Friend' for $100 or 'Benefactor' for $500. Being a member of FAMA means you'll be supporting the Art Museum of the Americas, helping to preserve and protect this valuable art institution for years to come, as well as enjoying invitations and access to various FAMA events.

The Permanent Collection Catalog

Another interesting and exciting way you can support the Art Museum of the Americas is through purchasing the Permanent Collection Catalog, also known as 'Art of the Americas: Collection of the Art Museum of the Americas of the Organization of American States'. This book is available in both softcover and hardcover editions, with the former being priced at $75 and the latter costing $130. Offering a breathtaking visual history of the museum and an extraordinary look at the astonishing spectrum of American art, this catalog allows art enthusiasts and observers to enjoy the wonders of the museum's works from the comfort of their very own homes at any time of day. website