Dubbed as one of America’s best burgers and fries, Boise Fry Company offers french fries and burgers galore with its wide variety of french fries and burgers to choose from. Primarily a fry company with “burgers on the side,” BFC offers variety to their fries on multiple levels.

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Customers can choose from at least six different potato types as well as the way they are cut. Those who find that salt isn’t enough can choose from eight different sauces to bring out the best in the flavor of the fries. BFC only uses the freshest and finest potatoes in Idaho, which are cut and fried in all-natural, GMO-free oils.

The same can be done with the burgers. Guests can go for the regular patty or try something vegan while having their choice of toppings and a wide selection of add-ons. Much like their fries, the beef and bison are free-range and grass-fed, while the vegan burgers are all-natural as well.


Boise Fry Company offers its BFC truck for reservations to interested parties. Reservations can be made online through the BFC website.


At first glance, the menu looks quite limited. But this is because Boise Fry Company’s burger and fries menu is actually “make your own.” Guests get to choose the variety of fries and burgers right down to the individual ingredients.

Fries Menu:

? Size: Small or large

? Potato Type: Russet, purple, gold, sweet, Laura, yam

? Available Cuts: Regular, homestyle, shoestring, curly, Po’ Balls

The availability of potatoes depends on the season.

Burger Menu:

? Patty: Beef, bison, vegan

? Toppings:

? Original: spring mix, red onion gastrique, tomato, garlic aioli

? Classic: Tomato, lettuce, raw onion, smoked special sauce, house-made pickles

? The Heat: Habaneros, lettuce, spicy ketchup, seasonal berry compote

? Featured Toppings

? Add-ons: Extra beef, extra bison, gluten-free bun, cheese, bacon, habanero

Any burger can be converted to a meal, which includes a small drink and fries.

Sides: BLT, quinoa side salad, grilled cheese

There are also special sauces to choose from; some examples include the blueberry ketchup, spicy fry sauce, chipotle, sour Thai, sweet mustard, roasted garlic and, of course, regular ketchup.

Happy hour specials feature a buy-one get-one-free draft beer and small fries.

Note that the items on the menu may change from time to time.

Special Events

BFC can help make some private parties feel more fun and special with its BFC truck. Party hosts can reserve the truck to serve their guests fries and burgers, with the option of pre-paying the tab or just letting the guests pay for themselves.

For general inquiries, call any one of BFC’s Idaho branches.


Bown Crossing Boise, 3083 South Bown Way, Boise, ID 83706, Phone: 208-965-1551

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