At a time when the world seems to be dominated by global brands and mass production leads the way in every aspect of our lives, more and more people are looking for something new and different. Buying mass-produced items can be fine, but those kinds of products don't have the same heart and soul as a truly unique item that has been produced with love and care by independent creators.

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Enter, Independent Goods. Based out of Ketchum, Idaho, Independent Goods got started in 2013 and is helping to put the spotlight back on the independent creators and artisans of the world. This company, which has a traditional brick and mortar store at 330 Walnut Avenue in Ketchum and also sells goods online with free shipping all around the United States, only sells produced by independent makers.

Why Shop with Independent Goods?

Independent Goods was created with a noble idea and good intentions that we can all get behind; the people behind this company love the idea of objects that have stories to tell. Mass production helps us in a lot of ways, but we all have to admit that buying the same old clothes, pieces of furniture, and other items that are made over and over again in picture-perfect identical copies doesn't really have much a story to it.

The idea behind Independent Goods is to focus on items that really mean something, both to the maker and to the customer. It’s about having an item that you can look at, admire, and appreciate in ways that just aren’t possible with mass-produced products. While popular branded goods are made in machine-laden factories using multinational manufacturing techniques, these products are put together in a simpler, more traditional way, with love and passion going into each item.

This is why you would want to shop with Independent Goods. It’s about owning items with stories behind them. It’s about expressing your personality, your thoughts, and your ideas. And it’s about owning items that have genuine significance to you, as well as knowing that you’re supporting people who are truly passionate about their craft and working exceptionally hard each day to try to earn a living from something they love.

What Can You Buy from Independent Goods?

If you're wondering what kind of items you can buy from Independent Goods, you'll be happy to hear that the store currently has a very extensive and varied catalog of products. Womenswear and menswear sections are available for your perusal, stocked with a nice range of jewelry, T-shirts, bags, accessories, and more.

Independent Goods also has an extensive Home Goods selection of products, all produced by independent makers with only the finest, locally-sourced materials where possible. Some of the most popular home items include tea towels, candles, tumbles, decorative wooden items, and vases.

Books and postcards can also be purchased from Independent Goods, as well as completely unique products you'd never be able to find anywhere else like hand-drawn custom MLB baseballs. In short, if you’re looking for items with heart, soul, and stories to tell, Independent Goods is a great place to shop. (website)