The Artitorium Broadway, located in Idaho Falls, is a unique, family based interactive arts experience. With a huge selection of hands on stations, the Artitorium encourages creativity through fun, thought provoking, and education experiences. The Artitorium opened its doors to the general public in August 2014. Housed in the Rio Theater located on West Broadway near downtown Idaho Falls, which closed in 2001 after being open as a working theater under several names since 1924.

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The building was actually donated by an anonymous fan of the arts with the hopes that the creators would take it to the next level and provide a fun and educational arts experience. It is owned and operated by the Arts Council in Idaho Falls, which also has two other arts-based attractions in the area.

Permanent Attractions and Exhibits

The core of the Artitorium is its interactive experiences, which are aimed at adults and children alike, with a focus on children from birth to 12 years old. Below is a selection of some of the most popular available.

? Motion Wall - The motion wall greets guests when they enter Artitorium. This interactive wall invites visitors to use digital brushes to “paint” different shapes and colors and create masterpieces. The unique camera also allows guests to see themselves through a virtual kaleidoscope, using unique features and filters.

? Virtual Gallery - Six huge touch screens make up the virtual gallery, which lets guests browse famous art galleries like the Smithsonian while also creating their own artwork at the easels.

? Creation Stations - Creation Stations features six diverse types of software meant to help guests create art. Choose from the collage machine, still life, action painter, pattern maker, stone painter, and scape. Creations can either be printed or taken home with a USB drive.

? Green Machine - One of the coolest areas at the Artitorium is the Green Machine, an enormous green screen that guests can use to make their own minute long video masterpiece. Use moving or still backgrounds, add special effects or music, and let creativity take over.

? Animation Stations - Explore the wonders of stop motion animation, which has been used to movies like Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run. Using toys and other craft objects, guests can make their own videos.

? Tune Up - Create music at Tune Up, which helps visitors use a digital guitar and piano to make unique visual effects while producing their own sheet music. There are many different musical instruments available, but some will need to be checked out from the front desk.

? Found Object Sculpture - With a wide and diverse selection of materials provided by the Artitorium, guests can make their own crafts and sculptures. There are also crayons, markers, and coloring pages for smaller visitors.

? Light Table - Translucent objects and shapes of all sizes teach guests how to experiment with color, shadow, and shade.

Admission is required, but children under 3 are admitted free. The Artoritium is open Sundays from 1 pm to 5 pm, Mondays from 5 pm to 8:30 pm, and Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

Educational Opportunities

Field trips are always more than welcome at the Artitorium. Group field trips can be catered for students between kindergarten and 12th grade and were specifically designed to meet and exceed the common core standards dictated by Idaho, as well as standards in media and visual arts. Descriptions of the many different program options are available on the website and are meant for classes from 20 to 120 students at a time. Some of the programs available are Ships in a Storm (a 4th grade program that teaches about artist creation of movement by the use of water and ships) and Space (meant for all ages levels, this program showcases how artists recreate the moon and space in general). The educational staff is also more than willing to work with teachers to handcraft a program as well.

There is a cost for field trips, but funding is available to help classrooms who cannot afford to pay it. Teachers can apply on the website.

Special Events

The Artitorium is the perfect place for many different special events, and it has especially become a family favorite for birthday parties. Guests can bring their own food, view a movie in the theater, or add on additional arts activities (for an additional cost). Contact the museum for information about how to reserve space.

Besides birthday parties, the building staff hosts regular special events during their open hours which focus on specific art projects like paper projects, exploring specific artists, building, and abstract art. There is an up to date calendar located on their website.

Artitorium on Broadway, 271 West Broadway, Idaho Falls, 83402, Phone: 208-552-1080

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