Getting married is a momentous and magical occasion in anyone’s life. It’s a sign that you’ve found someone you can truly feel connected to, both willing and eager to spend your lives together and enjoy lots of happy times in the years to come. It’s an exciting and enjoyable occasion for all, but there are lots of things to plan out and prepare for in the period leading up to the big day.

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Planning a wedding involves a lot of different aspects and responsibilities that all need to be taken into account, and there’s also the post-wedding period to think about too. One of the most thrilling parts of getting married for many couples actually comes after the wedding: the honeymoon.

A wedding day is a special occasion to share with your friends and family, but a honeymoon is when you and your new husband or wife can finally be alone together to celebrate newly-wed life and prepare for lots of joy and happiness ahead. It’s a time for relaxation and indulgence, with many couples choosing to visit exotic destinations to enjoy romantic spa treatments, exciting activities, luxury hotel rooms, and sunny skies.

However, having to prepare and cover the costs of a wedding can often mean that the budget for the honeymoon takes a bit of a hit. This is why we’re seeing more and more couples choosing to make their own honeymoon registries, and Wanderable is one of the best honeymoon registries you can choose right now.

What Is A Honeymoon Registry?

Most people have heard of wedding gift lists and registries. Typically, when a couple is preparing for a big day, they'll set up a registry with all the various items they'd love to be given as gifts from their friends and family. This way, wedding guests can easily and conveniently show their love to the happy couple by buying them the items they need, and popular wedding gift products include kitchen appliances, furnishings, and more.

A honeymoon registry works in the same basic way, but instead of asking for coffee machines and toasters, you can request trips abroad, scuba diving excursions, luxury villas, first class plane tickets, gourmet meals, and other amazing travel experiences to make your honeymoon as thrilling and unforgettable as it can possibly be.

Why Choose A Honeymoon Registry?

If you find yourself hesitating between a standard gift registry and a honeymoon registry, the simple option is to ask yourself whether you prefer to receive simple housewares and kitchen items, many of which you may never even necessarily use or need, or go on a fairy tale honeymoon and have a myriad of magical memories and fantastic experiences to look back on with your partner. A dream honeymoon provides the perfect start for married life and can be so positive for you and your partner.

The simple fact of the matter is that a lot of engaged couples and newly-weds these days already have most of the home appliances and goods they really need, or can afford to buy items like blenders and kettles as and when they need them in daily life. This is why more and more people are choosing a honeymoon registry over a standard gift registry, as budgeting for an exotic, adventurous honeymoon is a lot harder, and this kind of experience only comes once in a lifetime.

The Wanderable Difference

There are plenty of honeymoon registry options to choose from, but Wanderable stands out from the crowd as one of the very best. Here are just a few factors that set Wanderable apart from its competitors:

- Simplicity - With Wanderable, creating your honeymoon registry is so simple and easy. It only takes a matter of minutes to set up an account and start preparing your registry. Similarly, your guests and loved ones will find the system really easy and intuitive to use, able to quickly find your registry, browse through your list of desired gifts, and securely make their purchases.

- A Trusted Name - Lots of new companies have been hopping on the honeymoon registry bandwagon in recent times, but Wanderable was far ahead of its time. This company got started back in 2012 and was one of the first ever honeymoon registries. Since 2012, over 200,000 couples have made use of Wanderable and the brand has received a lot of positive attention from major media publications, even winning a Best of Weddins award from The Knot.

- Options - When making your honeymoon registry, you want to express the personalities of yourself and your partner. Wanderable lets you do exactly that. This registry creator gives you all kinds of style, font, format, and color options to fully personalize your registry. You can add photos and text with ease, decorating and forging a registry that really expresses your love and speaks to your guests.

- Freedom - Many registries force you to pick and choose from a range of preselected gift options. Wanderable is different. This registry gives couples total freedom to choose where they want to go on their honeymoon, how they want to get there, what they want to do along the way, where they want to eat, and so much more. Wanderable never forces you into booking with specific companies or airlines.

- Affordability - Many honeymoon registries feature tiered payment schemes and lots of hidden fees for extra features and options, luring couples in and then costing them way more than they initially thought. Wanderable is clear and transparent with its pricing systems and offers all of its features and services for the same price. Every couple signing up with Wanderable gets the same great standards of service, so you don't need to worry about upgrades or anything like that. website