After a journey with Wild Side Specialty Tours, guests are sure to be enlightened and joyful as well as sensitive to the fragile marine environment of Hawaii. The company aims to provide a thought-provoking, possibly life-changing, quality experience to its guests. Whether passengers wish to explore the ocean waters to their heart's content or just take a nap on the boat's hammock-like trampolines, everyone is welcome.

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Wild Side Tours strives to educate guests about the struggles of the area's local marine life as well as promote stewardship and environmental awareness to people from all over the world. In a global climate of "loving nature to death," Wild Side aims to leave guests with a compassion for Hawaii's sea life ohana. Every crew member works hard every day to ensure passengers are safe, have a good time, and depart with a greater understanding of Hawaii's precious resources and culture.

The crew of biologists with Wild Side are dedicated to quality and integrity, creating unforgettable memories, and leading the field in environmental stewardship. All charter cruises focus on dolphin, turtle reefs, and whale encounters. The small group size for cruises optimizes the experience for both the ocean life and guests. Encounters occur throughout the year and include whales, dolphin pods, and green sea turtles enjoying the aquamarine waters. Passengers will also have the chance to take in miles of white sand beaches, swim with dolphins, snorkel the state's more extensive coral reef systems, and experience seascapes off the tourist path. Snacks, drinks, and snorkel gear are included.

One of the Wild Side Specialty Tours' cruises is the Best of the West, which can only accommodate up to six people aboard the Alaka'i, a 34-foot Power Cat. This charter cruise offers an elite intimate experience of snorkeling with turtles, swimming with dolphins, and whale watching all year round. This cruise is tailored to guests and can be semi-private or private.

Dolphin encounters occur near the shore and feature pre-encounter briefings on how to swim with wild dolphins as well as an in-water guide to keep both guests and dolphins safe. Year-round whale watching offers a chance to see more than just humpback whales. The cruise also features an onboard hydrophone that can pick up and broadcast underwater vocalizing and singing in addition to locating whales. The guided snorkeling tours allow passengers to snorkel alongside tropical reef fish and sea turtles. Many of the fish can only be found within the waters of Hawaii.

The Deluxe Wildlife Charter offered by Wild Side Tours offers a guided reef snorkel hunt, allowing passengers to get up-close and personal with wild dolphins and view the secret world of sea turtles. The tailor-made, enriching, and inspiring cruise into the ocean wilderness is led by wildlife biologists and marine naturalists. The tour also interactively teaches guests of all ages about the difference between toothed and baleen whales, how dolphins sleep and “hear,” and how to identify the gender of a turtle, among other things. This is followed by snorkeling with the same creatures in their natural habitat. The Deluxe Wildlife Charter also features humpback whale watching during the winter season.

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