Hawaii is truly one of the most unique places on Earth. Despite being a part of the United States, Hawaii has a culture and lifestyle all of its own, with ancient customs and traditions that go back many years. The Aloha State is a popular vacation spot and has been beloved by generation after generation of people from all over the world. When we think of Hawaii, our mind's eye conjures up images of beautiful beaches and stunning scenery, and there's one particular image that always comes up when we picture Hawaii and its people: the lei.

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The lei is an integral part of Hawaiian culture. These pretty garlands of flowers and plants have been worn and used by Native Hawaiians going back through history and have various meanings and special significance to the people of these islands. They have become synonymous with the spirit and culture of Hawaii, with new arrivals on the islands often buying and wearing leis when they arrive. Hawaii even celebrates 'Lei Day' in May of each year, and all of the different islands have their own style and color of lei. If you’d like to learn how to make a lei, Meleana is the name to know.

Meleana - Lei Making Workshops in Honolulu

Leis are a big part of celebrations and festivities in Hawaii. They're given and worn at big occasions like birthdays, weddings, and more. They're always beautiful and inspirational, with countless visitors to Hawaii falling in love with these special garlands and wreaths. Many people also wish they knew how to make their own leis, with lei-making classes actually being provided in Hawaii for many years.

Meleana Estes is currently one of the youngest and most popular lei-makers around. Her own grandmother taught lei-making many years ago, and Meleana now wishes to continue that tradition. She runs lei-making workshops and also offers the possibility for private and small group workshops, as well as selling additional fun products related to the art of lei making. Read on for full details.

- A Passionate Native - An expert in flower artistry and fashion, Meleana Estes is an emerging voice and personality in Hawaiian culture and entertainment. She founded her brand back in 2008 and has since been featured in major media publications like Honolulu Magazine, BBC, Native Intelligence, and Elle. A Hawaii native who grew up falling in love with the culture and customs of her homeland, Meleana embodies the warmth and friendly nature so many people associate with Hawaiians. Having experienced firsthand the joys of Hawaii life while growing up, she now aims to share those emotions and experiences with as many people as possible.

- Lei-Making Classes - Being able to make a lei is the dream of many people who visit Hawaii. Even plenty of natives are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the process and can benefit from lei-making workshops. Meleana offers workshops all through the year. She provides all of the flora and equipment needed for the group to get to work and teaches everyone the time-tested techniques and traditions passed down by her own grandma over the years. At the start of the workshop, you might be a total newbie to the art of lei-making, but by the end, you’ll know a lot more about how these beautiful garlands and made and feel like a pro.

- Private Lei-Making Workshops - Meleana runs a calendar of public lei making workshops but also offers the potential to book private workshops. These workshops are just perfect for families and groups of friends on vacation and looking to try something new and different. They really let you engage with Hawaiian culture in a fun way and meet one of Honolulu’s most active and influential natives. Meleana will be able to share stories of her own life and the importance of the lei to her and her family, while teaching you all of the necessary techniques in a friendly and relaxed environment.

- Lei-Making Kit - As well as offering lei making classes and workshops, Meleana is also selling a highly useful and fashionable Mele Mele Lei Making Eke. This is essentially a bag (eke) which includes all the equipment you need to start gathering flowers and plants like palapalai, being the perfect size and shape to safely store your clippings. It also comes complete with a raffia bundle, a spray bottle, and a 'how to' guide for lei making. It’s the ideal companion for anyone who wants to be able to make lei while on the move, perfect for both newbies and those who have a little experience in the art of lei making.

Meleana is one of the top names to know for anyone interested in the historic beauty of lei making. Leis are such a special part of Hawaiian culture and it can be both fun and fulfilling to learn how to make them. Meleana's lei making eke can be ordered online and you can also book workshops online with ease by filling out a simple contact form. website