Hilo may not have any of the classic mile-long stretches of white sand covered with crowds of tourists that people expect when they think of beaches in Hawaii, but it does have some very lovely smaller sandy strips and rocky spaces with peaceful atmospheres and unique volcanic formations to admire and explore.

These beaches are totally unique, making them highly popular with travelers who are seeking something a little different. Read on to learn all about the best beaches in Hilo.

1. Carlsmith Beach Park

Carlsmith Beach Park
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Out on Puhi Bay, Hilo, Carlsmith Beach Park is unquestionably one of the best beaches in Hilo and is beloved by the locals in particular.

There are several beaches to be found throughout the park but they're all quite similar. One of the best places to start is at Keaukaha Beach where you can find a small spring-fed pool for swimming and splashing around.

Part of the beach is somewhat ruined by the presence of a water treatment facility, but if you walk further along you can find some prettier places to sit with a picnic or head out into the ocean for a little snorkeling.

Amenities at this beach include showers, picnic area, and restrooms, and lifeguards are on duty at weekends and busy times of year. More Big Island beaches

2. Reeds Bay Beach Park

Reeds Bay Beach Park
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Fitted with useful amenities like restrooms and showers, Reeds Bay Beach Park is located on Banyan Drive and is mostly untouched, offering a shining example of pristine Hawaiian coastline that many travelers will definitely love.

Touristic beaches can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it's nice to get back to our roots and visit a spot that mankind hasn't influenced in any major way.

The waters here are very cold, with one section even being nicknamed 'Ice Pond', but it's a good spot for fishing, photography, and relaxation.

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3. Richardson Beach Park

Richardson Beach Park
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Also known as Richardson Ocean Park, this Hilo beach park contains multiple stretches of black sand and rocky formations.

It's a very popular beach for nature enthusiasts and wildlife spotters, with lots of green sea turtles showing up in the area at all times of year.

Richardson Beach Park is therefore a good snorkeling beach in Hilo, but it's ideal for many other activities too and is the perfect place for people who want to get in the water.

You can go for a full swim or simply explore the rocky areas to find naturally-formed pools of warm water in which to sit and relax.

Lots of families come to Richardson Beach Park throughout the year and the constant presence of lifeguards helps to make this one of the safest beaches in the area.

4. Four Mile Beach, Hilo

Four Mile Beach, Hilo
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Officially known as James Kealoha Beach Park, but locally referred to under the name 'Four Mile Beach', this is another of the most popular beaches in Hilo and will probably be the first port of call for many tourists in the area.

Every kind of seafront activity can be enjoyed at Four Mile Beach, from swimming and sunbathing to fishing and surfing. Surfing is best reserved for the winter though, when the waves start to get choppy.

At other times of year, the water is quite calm and ideal for snorkeling or casual swimming, but anyone heading out among the waves should stick to the left-hand side of Four Mile Beach as the right-hand side can be dangerous. Directions

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5. Hilo Bayfront Park, Hilo

Hilo Bayfront Park, Hilo
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Conveniently located just a short walk from downtown Hilo, Hilo Bayfront Park is one of the main beaches in the area.

This was once a highly popular beach with tourists and locals alike, but its popularity actually led to its downfall several decades ago.

Fortunately, recent renovations in the area have helped to bring Hilo Bayfront Park back to life.

The sands here are dark in color and coarse to the touch, and the waters aren't really recommended for swimming, but it's a popular spot to simply walk along and admire the views.

Many kayak and canoe enthusiasts can be seen out on the waters here as well, and the western far end of the beach is a popular spot for surfing.

6. More Info About Hilo Beaches

More Info About Hilo Beaches
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There are many great beach cities and areas to be found all around the Hawaiian Islands, with Hilo being an underrated example. The biggest settlement in Hawaii County on the Big Island, Hilo is a picturesque place, home to all kinds of natural and man-made wonders from the Rainbow Falls to the Liliuokalani Park and Gardens.

The area has so much to offer that its beaches are often overlooked, but there are plenty of great coastal spots to be enjoyed in Hilo, with this area’s beaches providing astonishing views, warm blue waters, and just the right conditions for all kinds of activities from swimming and sunbathing to surfing and snorkeling.

The United States of America are home to some breathtaking beaches, with locations like Miami Beach, Clearwater, Myrtle Beach, and Malibu standing out as some of the top spots in the contiguous states, but one state always seems to dominate any list of best American beaches: Hawaii. The Aloha State, situated many miles off the Pacific Coast, is made up of multiple islands, each boasting their own beautiful beaches. Hawaii also gets some of the finest weather imaginable, with almost constant sunshine and wonderfully warm temperatures all through the year, providing the perfect conditions for never-ending fun in the sun.

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