The Taste of Thomasville Food Tours are taking culinary discovery to a brand new level in the heart of Georgia. Ranked as one of the very best things to do in Thomasville, the Taste of Thomasville Food Tours include both public and private tours and offer a wonderful for guests of all ages to enjoy some delicious fine dining experiences in a charming little town. You'll learn all about the history of Thomasville as you walk around, led by one of the friendly guides, admiring the town's beautiful architecture and historical sites and sampling some tasty treats along the way.

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This company was founded by Debra Smith, a long-time Thomasville resident who taught throughout the city's school system for more than three decades. After enjoying a food tour in the city of Charleston, Smith wondered if the same idea could work in a little location like Thomasville. She saw no reason why not, and decided to give it a try. After amassing a wonderful team of tour guides, Smith planned out various food tour options in Thomasville, offering behind the scenes looks into some of the city's best dining establishments while also providing an educational, entertaining journey around the City of Roses.

Important Information About Taste of Thomasville Food Tours

There are several things you need to know before heading out on a Taste of Thomasville Food Tour in order to have the best possible time. Firstly, it's worth noting that this food tour company offers both public and private food tours of the city, so if you'd prefer to book a private tour for a special occasion or large group of friends, that's perfectly possible. Tours can be booked online, or you can call up 229 227 7585 to speak to one of the Taste of Thomasville Food Tours staff members about reserving a private tour or to simply book regular public tour tickets. Prices start at $43 for adults on the regular day tours and $55 on the After Hours tours (or $50 for non-drinkers).

All tickets need to be purchased in advance and Taste of Thomasville Food Tours will not accept walk-ups. The tours themselves do involve some walking, but each one only covers about a mile of ground, so you don't need to be too physically fit to enjoy these food tours. Guests of all ages are allowed to come along on the day tour, and there's even a special tour designed for kids, but only adults are allowed on the After Hours food tours due to the fact that they involve bars and alcohol. It's also worth noting that all tours run regardless of the weather and will only be canceled in extreme situations like tropical storms or super low temperatures.

Taste of Thomasville Food Tours Tour Options

There are four main tour options to choose from at Taste of Thomasville Food Tours. Read on to learn the details and prices of each tour and decide on the best one for you and your fellow travelers.

- Taste of Thomasville Food Day Tour

The standard Taste of Thomasville Food Day Tour runs for three hours and is the most popular option with Taste of Thomasville Food Tours. It costs $43 for adults and $38 for children, being open to visitors of all ages. This tour goes all around the beautiful downtown area of Thomasville and includes a trip to one of the city's most unique landmarks: the Big Oak. The tour runs 1.2 miles in total and includes lots of samples of delicious, award-winning foods of all kinds.

Along the way, your tour guide will share all kinds of fascinating stories and insights into the history of Thomasville. These Taste of Thomasville Food Day Tours run on Fridays and Saturdays at 10.45, with an extra tour starting at 11 if there's enough demand. The tour will include stops at several restaurants and shops including Jonah's Shrimp and Grits, Moonspin Pizza, and Marie's Kakes. Some of the treats you'll try along the way include award winning cheeses, fried green tomatoes, shrimp, pizza slices, and French coffee.

- Taste of Thomasville After Hours

The Taste of Thomasville After Hours is the evening option for food tours in Thomasville and is designed, for adults aged over 21, but 18-21 year olds can also take part as non-drinking members of the tour at a discounted price. This tour runs for up to three hours in total and costs $55 for drinkers or $50 for non-drinkers. The tour goes all around downtown Thomasville and lets you soak up some of the nightlife of the city. You'll eat some treats along the way and enjoy some excellent drinks.

After Hours tours are limited to a maximum of 10 people for the After Hours option, although larger groups can be accommadated if you call up and speak to the staff ahead of time. You'll stop off at no less than five locations include Farmer's Daughter Wine Tasting Room and the Moonspin Pizzeria. You'll also visit Plaza, the oldest restaurant in operation in the whole of Georgia for some oysters and cocktails.

- Taste of Thomasville Children’s Tour

A great option for younger visitors in the city of Thomasville, the Taste of Thomasville Children’s Tour is just for kids of elementary or middle school age. It runs for a little over two hours and goes around the downtown streets of the city. This tour is highly educational and fun for young children, and it includes three food stops along the way at locations like Moonspin Pizza and the SweetGrass Dairy Cheese Shop. It also includes a photo opportunity at the Big Oak and some fun history lessons about the city. Tickets for the Taste of Thomasville Children’s Tour cost just $18.

- Victorian Sweets Tour

Running for two hours and taking place in the center of the city, the Victorian Sweets Tour lets you take a trip back in time to the Victorian era and imagine how the city might have been so many years ago, while also enjoying some delicious sweet treats from a bygone era. These tours cost $30 each and run at 10am, 1pm, and 3pm during the Victorian Christmas Festivities period of the year, which is usually in the middle of December. Guests of all ages are welcomed on the tour, which includes samples of various treats Sweet Cacao Chocolates, as well as a glass of wine or non-alcoholic drink for non-drinkers. website