Fernbank Museum of Natural History first opened its doors in 1992, and is now among Atlanta's most iconic and popular cultural attractions. The museum contains the largest dinosaurs in the world, the largest movie screen in the city, and one of the greatest collections of urban Piedmont forest in the country. Among its many exhibitions are a glimpse of the natural history of Georgia, dinosaurs that include ones that once lived in the region, and look at how personal adornment described who people are and their culture.

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A Walk Through Time in Georgia is the museum's signature exhibition, which tells the story the natural history of Georgia. Combined with dioramas and theaters, the fifteen galleries explain the fascinating and complex tale. The exhibition starts with the state's oldest rocks in the Piedmont region and ends with the youngest area, the Coast and Barrier Islands. Visitors will learn about a variety of plants and animals, as well as the geographical regions where they live. Highlights of the exhibit include the Gray's Reef diorama, the Ruling Dinosaurs Gallery, and the Ridge and Valley diorama's walk-through cave.

Visitors to the Fernbank Museum can explore a multi-level clubhouse in the NatureQuest exhibit. Other highlights include exploring the insides of a large oak tree by climbing up spiraling netting, and walking through a virtual waterfall to investigate the world behind it. The exhibit is an immersive experience designed to turn children into adventurers, scientists, and explorers as they explore the natural world.

In Reflections of Culture, the exhibition aims to show how what people wear tells who they are. It focuses on how people share information about themselves, such as cultural identity or economic, political, or social information, through different forms of personal adornment. Visitors can learn about what culture is and how people express it through an array of historic and contemporary objects.

Fernbank Museum's Conveyed in Clay: Stories from St. Catherines Island uses pottery to show 5,000 years of human history. The exhibition explores how Native American adapted to cultural and natural changes through their pottery's evolution. The collection ranges from the oldest pottery discovered on the continent to the mission era's Spanish majolica, from basic pinch pots to coil pots.

The Dinosaur Plaza contains an array of features, such as an outdoor gathering area filled with flowers, trees, and other plants. The highlight of the plaza is a family of bronze dinosaurs that greet visitors to the museum. These hadrosaurs are a species that once lived in the Georgia region, and information about them and their environment is displayed in the plaza.

Giants of the Mesozoic replicates life that once existed in the badlands of Patagonia, where the world's largest dinosaurs were unearthed. Visitors can gaze up at the largest dinosaurs in the world immersed in a snapshot of a clash of prey versus predator. Among the dinosaurs showcased is the first fully mounted Argentinosaurus in the world. The Argentinosaurus is the largest dinosaur that has ever been classified. The interaction between different species of prehistoric reptiles that existed during the Cretaceous Period can also be observed at the exhibit.

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