The Consolidated Gold Mine in Dahlonega, Georgia, transports visitors back to the Georgia Gold Rush period, around 1896, when gold was discovered and the Glory Hole mine shaft brought prosperity to the miners digging here. The gold mine has been ranked #1 by Yelp and TripAdvisor as a top thing to do when visiting Dahlonega. The gold mine aims to give a realistic idea of what it would have felt like to pan for gold, mine for gems, and cut gems. The tour goes deep underground and is an informational adventure full of historical facts when accompanied by one of the knowledgeable tour guides. No matter the weather, the gold mine remains open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving, and is a gem for all visitors, especially kids.

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History of the Gold Rush

Back in 1828, a deer hunter by the name of Benjamin Parks came across gold when he discovered that the rock he had just found a few miles south from Dahlonega was in fact jam-packed with gold nuggets. Word got out, and within a year, nearly 15,000 miners had come to strike it lucky. It was a bountiful period for Dahlonega, with gold coming off the mountainside and practically scattered on the ground. It was easy pickings for the first miners to get there – scooping up the gold and walking away with a small fortune. Later arrivals will have needed a gold pan to collect the gold, as visitors to the mine do today.

Things to Do

There is plenty to do at the Consolidated Gold Mine; one most popular activities here being gold panning, which is available throughout the week. It’s a great opportunity to get a firsthand experience of something that is considered an age-old endeavor. There are mining guides on hand who will help guests in their quests, and if they get lucky, will help bottle the piece of gold as a souvenir. Gem mining is an enjoyable pastime at the gold mine and there are many colorful gems to discover! Visitors are encouraged to use water-powered jets to help find rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethyst, moonstone, quartz, topaz, and garnets. Any discovered stones can be turned into beautiful jewelry.


The Underground Tour takes you on a 40-minute trip through a real gold mine with a knowledgeable member of staff who can answer pretty much any mining-related question. The mine stays at a continuous 60 degrees Fahrenheit throughout and is a walking tour. Group tours can be arranged for groups of more than 25.

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185 Consolidated Gold Mine Road, Dahlonega, GA 30533, website, Phone: 706-864-8473