Located in Rossville, Georgia within the greater Chattanooga, Tennessee region, Lake Winnepesaukah is an 80-acre amusement park offering a variety of high, mild, and family thrill rides, along with a full water park facility offering family water rides.

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Lake Winnepesaukah, commonly referred to as Lake Winnie, was opened by Carl and Minette Dixon in the summer of 1925. The park was named in honor of its nine-acre lake, which was known by the indigenous Abenaki word “winnipesaukee,” which is believed to translate as “beautiful water in a high place” or “beautiful lake of the highlands.” More than 5,000 visitors attended the park during its opening season, which offered boating, fishing, and picnicking activities. A 22,000-square-foot swimming pool was opened at the facility for the 1926 season, which was the largest pool of its kind in the southeastern United States at the time of its debut. In 1927, the park’s first ride attraction, the Boat Chute, was designed by Carl Dixon and opened to the public. The ride is believed today to be the oldest operating mill chute log ride of its kind in the United States. More rides were added to the park in the 1940s and 1950s, with the park’s first roller coasters added in 1960. Modern midway attractions were added throughout the end of the 20th century, and in 2003, a five-acre water park was added to the facility. In 2005, several attractions were transferred to the park from Panama City Beach in honor of the park’s 80th anniversary celebration.

Rides and Attractions

Today, Lake Winnepesaukah encompasses more than 80 acres, including a five-acre water park facility, and offers 38 high, mild, and family thrill rides for visitors of all ages. The park is modeled as a classic American fair park, offering a ride midway section, fair food vendors, and classic amusement games. The park is the home of several nationally-recognized rides, including the National Amusement Park Historical Association-recognized Boat Chute, the oldest mill chute water ride in the country, and the only known operating Eyerly Fly-O-Plane ride in the United States.

Thrill rides offered at the park include the Cannonball wooden roller coaster, constructed by the historic Philadelphia Toboggan Company and installed in 1967. The 2,272-foot coaster offers a vertical drop of 70 feet at its first hill and reaches maximum speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Other coasters at the park include a Wild Lightnin’ wild mouse coaster, which takes visitors through a track of twists, hairpin turns, and sudden drops, and a Fire Ball single loop roller coaster. An Oh-Zone! drop tower ride offers a 14-story freefall at a velocity of 4.6Gs and a speed of 50 miles per hour. Other high thrill rides include a Conestoga magic carpet ride, a Twister inverted barrel ride, a Pirate Ship, and a Genie gravity floor-drop ride.

A large variety of midway rides are offered at the park, offering classic amusement thrills for visitors of all ages. An Alpine Way sky lift ride provides bird’s eye views of the park, while a traditional Ferris Wheel offers panoramic views and a Tour Train circles the park on a classic railroad track. Classic midway rides include an Antique Carrousel constructed by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1916, along with Scrambler, Paratrooper, Tilt-A-Whirl, Wave Swinger, Matterhorn, and Balloon rides. A Wacky Factory indoor dark ride is offered, along with Antique and Bumper Cars, a Sea Warrior monster-style ride, and a Super Slide classic park slide. Paddle boats may also be rented for use on the park’s lake.

Children’s rides at the park include the Wacky Worm family roller coaster, which offers mild thrills for first-time coaster riders. A Frog Hopper bounce drop ride, Parachute drop rides, and a Free Whale ride also offer mild thrills for young visitors. Children’s midway rides include Bumble Bees and Jumbo Elephants circular flying rides, Motorcycle and Silly Saucer spinning rides, and miniature Kiddie Boats, Kiddie Swings, and Sports Cars. A Stay and Play Hideaway interactive play area is also offered within the park’s Jukebox Junction performance venue.

At the SOKAYa Water Park, opened in 2013, seven ride and attraction areas are offered, including a Crazy River lazy river ride attraction and a Water Works interactive water play area with bucket drops and climbing areas. Water slides include the Splish-N-Splash body slides, the Twist-N-Shout tube slides, the Winnie 500 racing slides, and a Zoom Flume. A Soak-N-Slide children’s play area and a Coke Float Cove water obstacle course are also offered.

Refreshment stands and restaurants throughout the park serve standard American and fair food and include the Ferris Wheel Cafe, the Carrousel Cafe, and Scooter’s Pizza. A variety of traditional skill games are located throughout the park’s midway, offering chances to win prizes. Guest amenities at the park include stroller, locker, and cabana rentals, and a gift shop sells park souvenirs.

Ongoing Programs and Events

Group admission rates are offered for small groups of 25 or more, with catering options available with advance notice. Young visitors wishing to celebrate their birthdays at the park may rent the park’s Cake House picnic venue for two-hour party blocks with advance reservations. Several educational days are offered throughout the park’s operating season, incorporating curriculum activities into park attractions for school groups. Discount days are offered throughout the season for military members, families, and visitors bringing food donations for local charities. Annual special events include Mother’s and Father’s Day Carload Special days and a fireworks display on the Fourth of July.

1730 Lakeview Dr, Rossville, GA 30741, Phone: 706-866-5681

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