Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia is the highlight of the Iconic Centennial Park District and is surrounded by world renowned fine dining, unique hotels, and a plethora of entertainment options, in a family friendly, vibrant environment.

Visiting Centennial Olympic Park

Centennial Park was the official gathering place of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, opening to the public on July 13th, 1996. More than 5 million people visited the park during the Olympics.

Centennial Olympic Park is one of the top attractions in Atlanta, open daily from 7am-11pm. The park is pet friendly, but dogs must be kept on a leash always. Please see the park website for a list of prohibited recreational activities including sports, grilling, and other activities.

A map on the park that can be downloaded in PDF form is available on the website. This map also offers detailed parking information for the many event spaces in the Centennial Park District.


Centennial Olympic Park has 13 exhibits, A Visitor’s Center, Pavilions, tons of lawn space, plaza’s, fountains, and a Googie Burger location for dining.

Allen Family Tribute- This statue memorializes the three generations of the Allen family that have lead the city of Atlanta through the Civil Rights Movement, brought economic development to the city, and brought the Olympic games to the city in 1996.

Gateway of Dreams- This 15-foot sculpture was created by Raymond Caskey and depicts the founded of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

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Androgyne Planet- This 26-foot tall sculpture was brought to the park to represent the continuity of the Olympic games and was commissioned for the 1996 Games as a gift from Barcelona, site of the 1992 games.

Children’s Garden and Playground- An area for children near Baker street that pays tribute to agriculture and Georgia’s thriving gardening culture.

Paralympic Legacy- A Stainless Steel monument that honors the 3,310 athletes that participated in the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games where 268 world records were set.

Water Gardens/Quilt of Nations- A professionally landscaped water garden with cascading water paths, model after Panther Creek, and honor all 197 nations that participated in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. This was the largest number of countries to ever participate in the games.

Quilt of Olympic Spirit- This monument honors the 10,000 athletes that participated in the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and the 842 medalists are inscribed on granite. The United States won the most medals during these games.

Quilt of Origins- This 8-ton sculpture is a tribute to Olympia and represents the athletes in the first Olympics, modern Olympics, and a female athlete to represent the Atlanta Centennial Park Olympics.

Quilt of Remembrance- This quilt is a mosaic of stone that commemorates the 111 people injured during the bombing that happened at the 1996 Olympic Park bombing. The 111 stones are from 111 different countries with an eternal light to honor Alice Hawthorne who was killed in the incident.

Quilt of Dreams- A statue of Billy Pain was created by Mike Matoba to symbolize Billy Pain’s efforts to bring the Olympics to Atlanta.

Hermes Towers/ Centennial Plaza- This plaza is surrounded by the official flag of the Olympic Games and 23 national flags that represent other cities that have hosted the games. There are also plaques commemorating the first 100 years of the Olympic host cities as well as towers that are 65 feet high and named after Hermes, a mythical Greek God of events. Centennial Tree, The Garden Walk, and a reflecting pool are all located directly behind the plaza.

Fountain of Rings- Featuring 4 daily shows, the Fountain of Rings is one of the most sophisticated fountains in the world and performs to popular songs while children play in the water. This iconic attraction is free and plays 365 a year.

Southern Company Amphitheatre- This Amphitheatre as completed after the Olympics and completed through resources from the Southern Company. The Amphitheatre seats 1,200 people and hosts open air concerts and other outdoor events. 186 days of programing in the Amphitheatre is family friendly and free.

Visitor Center- Start your visit at the Visitor Center where families can find interactive kiosks where they can learn more information about Centennial park and the Olympic Games, docents to answer questions, and volunteers happy to show you more information about the many commemorative stature and displays in the park and grounds. Googie Burger is located near the visitor’s Center and the Fountain Rings are adjacent.

Googie Burger- This futuristic themed diner serves made from scratch burgers, fries, and fried chicken through a walk-up window with creatively themed dipping sauces.

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