Table 427 in West Palm Beach is a quiet and cozy eatery is easily overlooked by the Northwood’s primetime bustle, but those find it will have no less than a novel dining experience. Aside from the Continental fare with a Mexican twist, the spirits, and the acoustics, Table 427’s Chef and owner Roberto Villegas is also known for taken special dinner requests from customers.

The service might be noticeably slower compared to other eateries, but this is because the chef does most of the cooking himself. Hence, the no-menu experience is definitely worth trying especially for first-timers who are looking for contemporary Mexican cuisine.


Table 427 highly recommends that guests make reservations to ensure that they have tables upon arrival. Reservations can be made through the restaurant’s official website or through OpenTable. Phone reservations can also be done via 561-506-8211.

Guests are also reminded that arriving 30 minutes later than the scheduled reservation results in losing that table.


Starters: Octopus, Meatballs in Chipotle Salsa, Wild Mushroom Tamale, Blue Crab Tostadas

Soups and Salads: Black Bean Soup, Cactus Salad, House Salad, Crunchy Jicama Tacos

Entrees: Vegetarian Huarache, Fish of the Day in Guava Sauce, Short Ribs in Pomegranate Mole, Sardine Tacos, Chicken in Rose Petals, Braised Cochinita Pibil,

Wine and Cocktails:

? Whites: Pinot Grigio Ca’ Montebello, Pino Grigio Villa Marin, Riesling Fulkerson, Pinot Nero-Ca Montebello, Chardonnay Fox Hollow, Sauvignon Blanc Grand Cru, Prosecco Treviso

? Reds: La Velona Sant’Antimo, Primitivo Tinazzi, Malbec Don Genaro, Pinot Noir Grand Cru, Cabernet Villa Marin, Merlot Villa Marin, Chianti Diavole, Prunice Pakravan Papi

? The menu also offers a wide selection of cocktails.

No Menu The Experience: offers a five-course dinner without the help of a menu, only the presentation of the chef. Note: make sure to tell the chef of any allergies ahead of time.

Holiday Parties and Special Events

Table 427 is well known for hosting all kinds of special events to the public. Aside from the usual Christmas and New Year celebrations, the restaurant has also gotten fame from its No-Menu Experience, where guests simply arrive to get fed what the chef offers them.

They also offer the Prepaid Bar tab. Guests only need to pay ahead and the bar will serve them drinks according to that tab. Drinks include wine, well-drinks, top shelf drinks, and mixers.

Those who want an even more memorable night can opt for the chef’s table - a bar which seats up to six people. It’s Table 427’s front row seats to the best the restaurant can offer.

For more information about their special events, check out Table 427’s website. For inquiries, reservations, and more, call 561-506-8211.


Table 427, 427 Northwood Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33407, Phone: 561-506-8211

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