Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City Beach, Florida features several exhibits and daily presentations that will entertain and delight visitors. All of these are included in the all-day admission to the park. Guests are recommended to allow at least three to four hours to see all of the exhibits and shows at Gulf World. The amazing dolphin show at Gulf World will leave guests speechless and astonished as the park's dolphin stars perform a variety of twists, leaps, and flips.

Bottlenose Dolphin Show

The high energy show demonstrates the grace and tenderness of dolphins by trainers diving in to the pool and swimming alongside them. Several of the dolphins were born at the marine park or were rescued and not able to be released back into the wild. Guests in the splash zone should look out for waves during the memorable performance.

Rough-Toothed Dolphin and Sea Lion Show

The Rough-toothed Dolphin and California Sea Lion Show is an engaging, funny, and charming performance. These animals will amaze guests as they work together in a multi-species extravaganza. Visitors have the chance to learn more about the sea lions and watch the fascinating animals demonstrate hand clapping, "sea lion breakdancing," and more behaviors. Gulf World Marine Park is the only facility in North America to be home to rough-tooted dolphins, where visitors can watch them perform slide outs, buoy touches, and a variety of flips.

Stingray Bay Feeding

One of the park's newer attractions, Stingray Bay offers visitors with an opportunity to interact with cownose stingrays at the new 20 thousand-gallon indoor habitat. Guests have the chance to feed and touch the stingrays during the exhibit's feeding times at 11am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, and 4pm. Each feeding time is thirty minutes long, and food for the stingrays is sold while it lasts due to the stingrays' controlled diet.

Royal Swim

The Royal Swim is the most unique and fun program offered at Gulf World Marine Park, designed to exceed visitors' expectations. The dolphins raise guests above the surface of the water by pushing up from the soles of their feet. Along with various free-time activities, guests will get to experience behaviors like dorsal tow, foot push, hug and caresses, and more from the dolphins during the Royal Swim.

Swim Adventure

Swim Adventure is another option for visitors who want to swim with the dolphins at Gulf World. A thrilling and fast dolphin ride requires guests to hold onto their pectoral fins as the dolphins take off. In addition to the belly ride with the dolphins, visitors will have the chance to interact with them through kisses, hugs, handshakes, and much more.

Other Animal Encounters

The new Harbor Seal Encounter offers visitors an opportunity to get in the water with Harbor Seals for once-in-a-lifetime experience, during which they will learn about the unique characteristics and personalities of the seals. Guests can also interact with California Sea Lions at Gulf World Marine Park during a training session, including behaviors like handshake, mimic, hug, and kiss.

15412 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, Florida, website, Phone: 850-234-5271

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