Zoo World Zoological Conservatory in Panama City Beach, Florida offers visitors with a rare chance to get up-close and hands-on with wild animals. The Conservatory is an excellent choice for a break going to the beach day-after-day. Zoo World is home to several different exotic animals from throughout the world, and guests won't need a pair of binoculars to get a look at them. Among the many animal encounters available, visitors can hold snuggle with a lemur, kiss a giraffe, and even hold an alligator.

Zoo World is a dedicated educational and interactive zoological conservatory, far from your typical zoo. At the Conservatory, guests are offered the opportunity to get up-close and personal with a variety of friendly, furry, and fun critters, several of them endangered species. Situated on seven acres of land, Zoo World provides a chance to see some amazing animals outside of the wild.

Along with the up-close animal encounters, visitors can also see over two hundred animals, including lions, tiger, gorillas, peacocks, prairie dogs, a red-tailed boa, iguanas and many more species at Zoo World. While the Zoological Conservatory offers people a chance to get up-close to animals, and even feed or hold a handful of them, its main focus is still the care and conservation of the amazing animals. Zoo World is in-fact a non-profit wildlife conservatory.

Zoo World choses to provide so many different animal encounters because the staff believe it is the best way to educate guests about the significance of keeping the animals safe. While visitors will enjoy petting a sloth or snuggling a lemur, they will at the same time be learning more about how these creatures are affected in the wild by humans, and what small measures everyone can take to help keep them safe. It's recommended to allow at least two hours for a visit.

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The Lemur Encounter offers a rare chance to get up-close and personal with an endangered species by letting visitors snuggle a lemur. Lemurs aren't the only animal, however, that guests of Zoo World can hold. The Conservatory also provides a more adventurous opportunity for them to pet or hold an alligator, offering a chance to get up close to one of the oldest predators in the world. The Sloth Encounter allows visitors to pet one of the world's famously slow creatures.

Zoo World Zoological Conservatory has more than one alligator encounter. The Allapattah Swamp Alligator Feeding Experience offers the chance to see over sixty alligators just waiting for food. The Budgie Bush-Walk Aviary at this unconventional zoo is a free flight aviary in which visitors can walk through while hundreds of exotic colorful birds fly around them. Budgie sticks provide a chance at an even closer experience.

The Giraffe Feeding Tower is a popular animal encounter at Zoo World. The experience brings guests eye-to-eye with extremely tall giraffes, as well as a chance to feed the giraffe lettuce leaves. Visitors will not only delight in feeding giraffe during the private tour, but they may even get a kiss from the giraffe in return.

9008 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, Florida, Phone: 850-230-1243

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