WonderWorks in Panama City Beach, FL is an amusement park for the mind that combines entertainment and education throughout its thirty-five thousand square feet. The attraction features over one hundred interactive exhibits that spark visitors' imagination and challenge their minds. With the ground above them and the ceiling below, visitors won't find it difficult to see the magic within WonderWorks. Guests walk through the site's inversion tunnel to turn everything right side up, leading them to six wonder zones full of fun for the entire family.

The Physical Challenge wonder zone features several hands-on exhibits designed to explore and test physical skills. Visitors of all ages enjoy the Bubble Lab, creating bubbles through a bubble sheet, blowing bubbles the size of a basketball, or even making bubbles large enough to fit a person. The Pulley Power exhibit allows visitors to test the strength of pulleys and themselves as they take a seat and try to pull themselves up using a rope. Each chair is connected to two to four pulleys. The more pulleys, the lighter the weight being lifted will feel.

Exhibits that simulate natural disasters can be found in the Natural Disasters wonder zone. The Tesla Coil exhibit lets visitors safely experience being a human lightning rod by placing their hands through a steel armor, mesh glove as 100,000 volts of electricity are sent to their fingers. The Hurricane Shack allows guests to experience the winds from a category 1 hurricane.

The Space Discovery zone features exhibits focused on space and flight. In the Fighter Jets exhibit, visitors can enjoy the freedom of flight as they soar across the skies in a F18 fighter jet. The Wonder Coaster at WonderWorks provides all the chills and thrills of a real roller coaster in the form of a virtual simulator. Guests will experience 360 degrees of flips, backward movements, pitch and roll motions, and more. Black Hawk offers a virtual army experience as visitors carry out important missions in a battle zone.

At the Light and Sound wonder zone, visitors can test their reflexes and speed against the clock as they try to press buttons as fast as they can as they light up on a large matrix. The Giant Piano offers a chance for guests to jump from one key to another to play a song with their feet. The Far Out Gallery zone features stairwells decorated with pieces of illusion art along the walls. Some of these works of art contain hidden objects, while other have eyes that follow guests wherever they go.

The Imagination Lab zone is geared more towards younger visitors. Guests can enjoy creating masterpieces with colored pegs on a massive Lite-Brite. Fun Express designed for WonderWorks' youngest guests, a play area where children choose from coloring or digital painting to a detective game or even simple math.

There are several more activities in addition to the six wonder zones at WonderWorks. Visitors can navigate through obstacles situated three stories off the ground in a glow-in-the-dark Indoor Ropes Course. For another thrilling choice, guests can compete against one another in a game of Laser Tag through a black-lit maze.

9910 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach, Florida, Phone: 850-249-7000

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