Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is a center dedicated to conservation and education located in the Florida Keys. After working with other aquariums, the center is able to provide visitors with access to an array of marine life.

The founder of Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters have turned their enthusiasm and expertise with the ocean into a popular conservation center and aquarium. The core of the center’s mission is to introduce guests to the ocean and the majestic animals that live in it through up-close, and sometimes one-on-one, experiences.

Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters is the leading aquarium encounter experience located in the popular Florida Keys. The center offers guided educational tours to broaden visitors’ understanding of the native environment of the Florida Keys and the marine life that calls this area home. These tours are guided by one of the center’s marine biologists and visit each major attraction at Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

Visitors will be inspired by the tide pool at the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters park, located near the entrance of the aquarium. The center’s fascinating touch tank experience is included in the cost of admission for visitors. The tide pool attractions is available for guests to explore at no extra cost. This attraction gives visitors the opportunity to not only look at, but also touch a variety of marine life in the shallow waters of a tide pool. A professional and experienced marine biologist is also on hand to answer any questions visitors may have.

Visitors at the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters park can explore the complex environment of coral reefs from the safety of dry land, or from within the Coral Reef Tank by snorkeling. Guests can choose to participate in the Coral Reef Encounter if they feel brave enough, or simply watch as other visitors feed the eels, grouper, and sharks that call the Predator Reef Tank home during their snorkeling experience. Viewing the Predator Reef Tank and the Coral Reef Tanks, as well as watching family, friends, and other guests participate in the Coral Reef Encounter comes included with the General Admission to Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters.

One the main encounter experiences at the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters park is its one-of-a-kind Predator Reef Tank. The owners of this park full of unique aquarium encounters have a combined experience of more than sixty-five years in securing and transporting live sharks successfully to aquariums all over the world. Their unique skills allow have let the center create some of the country’s most exciting feeding encounters and aquarium environments for both visitors and locals alike in the Florida Keys.

Visitors at the Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters park are welcome to buy tarpon food for a chance to feed the enormous “Silver Kings” of the the Florida Keys. The park’s Tarpon Basin encounter is free to explore, but the food to feed these creatures native to the area is available for a small fee. The Tarpon attraction is situated near the canal area of the aquarium, and guests can feed the massive Tarpons from the basin’s walking bridge.

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