The Glazer Children’s Museum offers a fun way for children to learn, encouraging them to play with a purpose within an educational, fun, and interactive environment. The museum offers an interactive laboratory for learning, along with specially curated programs, in a nurturing, warm, and safe environment. Children are given the opportunity to explore their potential through numerous different fun, yet educational activities. Kids try out several identities as they explore at the Glazer Museum, whether as a vet at the Vet Clinic, an engineer in the Engineers’ Workshop, or a doctor in the Hospital among many others.

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The Design and Build exhibit is a yellow house at the Glazer Children’s Museum that is always in need of renovation. Young carpenters, designers, and architects are invited to act as an engineer, gardener, and plumber to help renovate the small house. Artsmart welcomes children to explore the world of art.

The Engineers’ Workshop is the perfect workshop for any young inventor. Younger children can build with block or giant LEGOs, or design a train route. Older children can create a LEGO design on the exhibit’s LEGO wall of fold and then launch paper airplanes. The Glazer Children’s Museum also features a new robotics lab called Gadget Garage. This lab lets kids and adults alike explore the robotics and gadgets of today.

Central Bank at the children’s museum lets kids explore the world of commerce and banking through interactive games. Children can learn the basics of earning and saving money with physical activities, matching, and simple math. Kids can then use their money to light up City Hall, launch a rocket, and more. Climbing aboard the Cruiseship gives kids a chance to be an explorer, sailor, or captain as they search for buried treasure or set sail.

The Firehouse at Glazer Children’s Museum lets children try their hand at being a firefighter as they pretend to save the day. Kids can put on safety gear and then slide down the kid-size firehouse’s fireman’s pole. There is also a fire truck simulation in which children can drive a fire truck through Tampa Bay, turning on the lights and playing the siren.

Children can create forts for imaginative play in the Forts area of the Glazer Museum. Kids can use pillows and sheets to build an epic fort or reading spot. Get Moving offers fun physical challenges for children to test their speed, endurance, and strength. Activities include climbing in the museum’s new indoor playground, racing an array of animals, and climbing the miniature climbing wall.

The Ocean Sandbox at Glazer Children’s Museum allows children to create the topography of the ocean by moving and shaping the sand. Kids can use their hands to sculpt caves, underwater channels, islands, and mountains to see the augmented reality marine landscape brought to life with treasure chests, ocean creatures, and much more. KidsPort features a large water table on which kids can navigate cargo ships through channels similar those in Tampa Bay. Children can pretend to be engineers, harbor pilot, and dock workers as they learn more about the movement of water.

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