The owners of the Sunflower Field in Florida, the Sledd family, hope that visitors to their farm will enjoy their visit by simply getting lost in the massive maze of sunflowers. The Sledd family own and operate the Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberry Farm in Mims, Florida, and have recently create an expansive sunflower maze that spans more than four acres. This massive field of beautiful sunflowers lights up the Sledd farm, and typically takes around forty-five minutes to an hours to complete the sunflower maze. Certain attractions may be temporarily closed or require advance reservations. Hours/availability may have changed.


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According to Stacey Sledd DeMoss, one of the people who runs the Sledd’s Farm, the sunflower maze began as a recommendation from C.H. Sledd, her father. He sadly died recently from lung cancer. Whit her father in mind, DeMoss decided to continue to provide the sunflower maze for guests, much to visitors delight. Seeds are planted for the sunflower maze in March, and the family then prays for rains. The massive maze of sunflowers consists of mostly sunflowers, as well as sun hemp. Both the sunflowers and the sun hemp can grow to be quite tall, with some of these flowers growing to well higher than six feet.

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2.When to Visit

When to Visit
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The sunflower maze at the Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberry Farm is open for around a month during the fall, as sunflowers don’t stay alive for a long time. The farm run by the Sledd family is open during most weekends, as well as occasionally during the week. The best ways for people to know if the farm is open is to the Facebook page for Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberries, which is updated regularly by Stacey Sledd DeMoss. There is a small fee for guests over the age of three years to explore the massive sunflower maze.

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3.Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberry Farm

Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberry Farm
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The Sledd’s U-Pick Strawberry Farm is of course known for its delicious strawberries that visitors can pick themselves, as well as known for the farm’s vegetables. The sunflower maze, however, has definitely turned some heads, and has now become quite a popular attraction in the Mims area of Florida. Within a week of the farm announcing the opening of the expansive sunflower maze on Facebook, there were far more than one hundred guests that came to explore and get lost in the maze.

Visitors can also take some time and pick their own vegetables after they get done exploring the sunflower maze. Even though the strawberry season at the farm is over while the sunflower maze open, the Sledd’s U-Pick Farm still has peppers, green tomatoes, blackberries, cherry tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, kale, black-eyed peas, squash, and okra ready for visitors to pick. Guests pay for the fruits and vegetables they pick at the farm by the pound. The Sledd’s Farm is the only U-Pick farm open year-round in the area. The ability for people to pick their own vegetables and fruit has helped the farm to grow quite a bit in popularity in the area, as more and more people nowadays want to know where their food comes from.

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Sunflower Field Florida

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