Visitors to the Pensacola Lighthouse can climb up the historic tower's one hundred and seventy-seven steps for stunning views of Florida's Gulf Coast. Situated on NAS Pensacola, the lighthouse was constructed in the year 1859. Guests can climb the Pensacola Lighthouse and explore on their own, or they can choose to join one of the climbing tours offered at the landmark lighthouse. The historic lighthouse is designated on the National Register of Historic Places.

Located within the 1869 quarters of the lighthouse keeper at the Pensacola Lighthouse is the Richard C. Callaway Museum. The museum displays exhibits focused on the local history of the area, this includes the history of the first Pensacola Lighthouse, local archaeological history, maritime history, the history of the United States Coast Guard, and the history of the Civil War. There is also a museum store, as well as special events, after-hours tours, and programs of children available.

The Ghost Hunt is one of the tours offered at the landmark Pensacola Lighthouse. Visitors can join the tour to find out for themselves whether or not the lighthouse is actually haunted. According to the Ghost Hunters of SciFi and the Travel Channel, it is, and many clairvoyants and psychics agree with them. The Pensacola Lighthouse is known as one of the country's most haunted lighthouses.

The lighthouse's Ghost Hunt takes guests on an exploration of the historical 1869 Keeper's Quarters to see if the resident ghosts will come out and meet the tour. Tour participants will be following in the footsteps of TAPS as the tour will feature the use of real equipment for hunting ghosts. Guests can choose to bring their own ghost hunting equipment, or share equipment provided during the tour. The gift shop provides some ghost hunting items for guests to purchase before the start of the tour. The Ghost Hunt tour last around an hour and thirty minutes.

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The Pensacola Lighthouse also offers visitors with the experience of the Blue Angels Practice. Guests have the opportunity to experience the amazing power and outstanding precision of the incredible Blue Angels. Visitors will come eye level to the Blue Angels from the Pensacola Lighthouse's catwalk. This catwalk is located one hundred and fifty feet high from the ground. Reservations are needed for the Blue Angels Practice tour due to limited space. Tour participants must be at least forty-four inches tall and arrive at the lighthouse by 11:15 in the morning in order to see the Blue Angels from the Pensacola Lighthouse catwalk.

The light of the original Pensacola Lighthouse was first lit in 1824. Ten lamps were used in two groups at opposite ends of the frame to create a flashing light. By the year 1850, complaints about the lighthouse began to come in. The light was thought to be too dim, and trees supposedly blocked the light on Santa Rosa Island. A new seacoast lighthouse of first-class quality was recommended to be built in 1852 at Pensacola, with tower of no fewer than one hundred and fifty feet.

2081 Radford Boulevard, Pensacola, Florida, Phone: 850-393-1561

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