For breathtaking views and memories that will last a lifetime, any trip to Ocala, Florida, needs to include a zip line tour. Rated by visitors to the area as the number one thing to do, the Canyons zip line Ocala tours provide an experience like no other, taking guests on a wonderful journey across a myriad of magical landscapes. From shimmering lakes to thick forests and cavernous canyons, the Ocala zip lines take you on a real American adventure across an ever-changing backdrop of picturesque scenery.

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Awarded a certificate of excellence from popular online tourist hub TripAdvisor and also featured on several big news networks around the US, the Ocala zip line tours are something pretty special. People flock from all around to experience these zip lines and everyone can enjoy them, from thrill-seekers to families, couples, and more. The great thing about these zip lines is that every single flight is different. You can never be quite sure what kind of view or experience you’ll get, so some visitors come back time and time again to ride these fantastic Ocala zip lines.

An Unmissable Part of Your Florida Adventure

The Sunshine State is well known for being a tourist hot spot, with flashy theme parks, stunning scenery, warm weather, and beautiful beaches in every direction. However, the biggest attractions feature huge entry fees and are constantly crowded out, leading to some frustrating experiences for many visitors. That’s why it can be worth investigating a little off the beaten track and finding some of the best attractions away from the touristic urban areas.

Ocala is Florida in its purest form. This is where the real beauty of the state shines through, with untouched forests, pristine lakes, and stunning cliffs all around. Hikes and natural trails are a fine way to get in touch with nature, but nothing beats a zip line for letting you soak in the scenery and experience something you’ll never forget. If you find yourself in Florida, Ocala has to be on your to-do list, and the Ocala zip line tours are the first thing to do after rolling into town.

Ocala Zip Line Tour Options and Details

There are actually two different Canyons zip line tours in Ocala, giving visitors the choice between the full zip line tour and the 'Express' variant. The full Canyons canopy zip line tour features an impressive total of nine zip lines, as well as a couple of rope bridges and a rappel over the course of a two and a half to three hour adventure. Professional and friendly guides will be on hand for the duration of the tour, first teaching visitors how to use their equipment safely and later sharing fascinating information about the local area and wildlife.

The 'Express' tour lasts for around one and a half hours in total and features five zip lines and one rope bridge in total. Again, guides are on hand to inform visitors of the proper ways to use the harnesses and zip lines, and the tour will finish up with one of Ocala's most popular and beloved lines that starts off in the trees and finishes gliding over a crystal clear lake. The Express tour is best-suited for newbies, older guests, families, or people who want to test out zip lines without committing to the full tour straight away.

Ocala Zip Line Requirements and Things to Know

Whether or not this is your first zip line experience, there are a few rules and regulations to be aware of for the Ocala zip line tours. There is an age limit for these zip lines and participants will need to be at least 10 years of age. Anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian but will be allowed to ride the zip line alone. These zip line tours also have weight limits, with participants needing to be between 70 and 270 pounds.

Everyone will be asked to sign agreement forms before taking part, and the zip lines are fully save and regulated to ensure the best experience for every visitor. Guests will need to wear firm-fitting, closed toed footwear to ride the zip lines and anyone with long hair will be asked to tie it up in a ponytail for safety reasons. Guests are also discouraged from wearing hanging jewelry which could get lost along the way, and loose-fitting clothes aren't recommended either. Due to the nature of the tours, which do involve a little hiking through nature, visitors should also ensure they're in good enough health to enjoy the full experience without any issues.