Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the NSU Museum of Art is the premier art museum in southern Florida. One of the most notable aspects of the NSU Museum of Art is that its modernist style was designed by renowned architecture Edward Larrabee Barnes.

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The NSU Art Museum was founded in 1958 with the intent to become the premier facility for arts and culture within Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Museum is strategically placed within the historic midpoint of Miami and Palm Beach, which is ultimately recognized as the downtown arts and entertainment district of Fort Lauderdale. One of the best things about the Museum’s location is its proximity to cultural hotspots, such as Las Olas Boulevard and Riverwalk.

The NSU Art Museum is housed within an 83,000 square foot building that was created by Edward Larrabee Barnes, who is a renowned architect. Aside from exhibitions, the Museum includes a Café, Museum Store, and an auditorium that can seat over 250 people.

Most recently, the NSU Art Museum officially engaged in a partnership with the Nova Southeastern University, hence the Museum’s name. Then in 2013, the NSU Art Museum welcomed Bonnie Clearwater, who has continued to lead the Museum to success as their director and chief.

The NSU Art Museum has a comprehensive permanent art collection that includes over 7,000 pieces of art. The museum was also just promised to receive a total of 100 works from the collection of David Horvitz and Francie Bishop Good that will emphasize multicultural and women artists. The Museum’s permanent art collection focuses on a variety of topics, such as:

· Post-War American Art

· Avant-Garde European Art

· Contemporary Art

· American and Cuban Modern Art

· African and Oceanic Tribal Arts

· Art of the Americas

Aside from the general art categories, the NSU Art Museum’s permanent collection showcases a variety of renowned artists, such as:

· William J. Glackens

· John Sloan

· Tracey Emin

· Catherine Opie

· Frida Kahlo

· Diego Rivera

· Philip Guston

· Frank Stella

It’s important to note that since the Museum’s permanent collection is so extensive, only a select chunk of the permanent collection is shown at any given time.

In addition the Museum’s permanent collection, the NSU Art Museum regularly hosts a variety of special attractions. Current special attractions include:

· Francesco Clemente: Dormiveglia

· Samson Kambalu: Nyau Cinema

· Catherine Opie: 700 Nimes Road

· Regeneration Series: Anselm Kiefer From the Hall Collection

· David Levinthal: Recent Acquisitions

· Jose Bedia Fieldwork: Selections From the De La Cruz Collection and the Artist

· William J. Glackens: A Modernist in the Making –

There are only a select number of educational opportunities at the NSU Museum of Art. Two of the premier educational programs are the group tour program and the educator workshops that are offered sporadically.

The most popular educational program at the NSU Museum of Art is the Museum’s group tour program. The four tour group options include:

· Museum Survey is a tour of all of the exhibits within the NSU Museum of Art. The Museum Survey gives participants a basic overview of the historical context and biographical information about the galleries and artists within the Museum. Also, guests will learn a quick overview of fundamental artistic terminology. This tour typically lasts around 1.5 hours.

· Art Emphasis is a discussion-based tour which engages all of the participants. During the Art Emphasis tour, participants will learn about a specific art form, period, or artist in an in-depth and exclusive way. Participants are encouraged to work together and bounce opinions off of each other of the impacts and significance of the artworks they are analyzing, as well as what influenced those specific pieces of art. This tour typically lasts around one hour.

· Public Art is an exclusive tour that showcases one of the latest additions to the NSU Art Museum, which is known as the Indigo Room. Throughout this tour, participants will learn about the architectural integration within art, as well as the influence, significance, and importance of public art. This tour usually lasts around one hour.

· Interdisciplinary Excursion is an exclusive guided tour that’s only offered every once in a while. This tour explores and analyzes a specific era or artistic study featured within the NSU Art Museum. In addition to analyzing and exploring a specific display within the Museum, participants will enjoy an exclusive option of either a performance, book signing, film, or lecture.

For more information about the guided tours, or any other educational opportunity, at the NSU Museum of Art, check out the Museum’s official website, or contact the Museum during their standard hours of operation.

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One East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, Phone: 954-525-5500