The Museum of Art and Design is located within Miami Dade College and provides a place to enjoy visual art and design. The exhibition space can be found in the National Historic Landmark Freedom Tower in downtown Miami.

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The museum aims to enrich people’s lives with the presentation of thought-provoking collections that will be preserved for generations to come. Every corner of the museum sees a combining of art, design, and culture, and is made accessible for all to enjoy.

What Is Freedom Tower?

Freedom Tower was constructed in 1925 and was originally home to the Miami News. With a striking European design, the tower’s design itself is based on the Giralda, the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral in Spain, and features intricate detailing to both the interior and exterior, which makes it a part of the exhibition museum itself.

The tower has a rich history, including use by the US government as a reception center for Cuban refugees during the Cold War. It is because of this role that it is now seen as an icon that represents faith and democracy, generosity, and new beginnings for those caught up in troubled times. The museum plays host to collections that encompass that difficult era and displays related visual design and artifacts to help preserve the rich cultural history of the building’s use and the people it once served, thus helping to keep their stories and accounts of the time alive.

Educational Learning

Being located within a university makes the museum an ideal place to learn and understand the ways in which art and design shape the world we live in. There is a plethora of lectures, events, and displays of art and design to help expose and educate the public about the impact that they have on the world, especially the ways in which the Cuba migration helped make the Miami of today,known and loved the world over.

Museum Tours

Guided museum tours are available for groups of students and adults alike and take roughly an hour to complete. During the tour, you will be guided through the galleries and gain further insight into the works contained within.

Hours of Operation and Entry Fees

The museum is currently closed for renovations and will reopen in the spring of 2018. Below is a summary of the museum’s usual operating hours, which are expected to commence as normal upon reopening in February. The galleries on both the first and second floors will also be closed during the renovations.

The free kids’ community program GOGO MOAD will operate every third Saturday of the month at various locations.

Guided tours must consist of 10 to 30 adults and the fee is $5 per person, which goes towards the maintenance and running costs of the museum.


600 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, Phone: 305-237-7700

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