Edelweiss is the only restaurant in Melbourne, Florida that serves authentic German and Austrian cuisine. The restaurant offers homemade schnitzels, bratwursts, sauerbraten, and many other traditional German and Austrian entrees. Guests will also find authentic German and Austrian sides and desserts, as well as beer of course, on the menu at Edelweiss. For anyone wishing to contact the restaurant, they can simply call the restaurant, as Edelweiss doesn’t respond to messages on Facebook. The restaurant also doesn’t take reservations.

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A variety of appetizers, salads, and soup can be found on the menu at Edelweiss for guests to start off their meal. The Bayerische Brezel, or Bavarian Pretzel, is of course a favorite and no German restaurant’s menu would be complete without a large pretzel listed on it. Other choices include the, Pancake Soup, or Fritattensuppe, which consists homemade sliced crepes in a homemade beef broth, and the Potato Pancakes, or Kartoffelpuffer, which are served with sour cream and apple sauce.

Edelweiss offers an array of different salads on their menu, ranging from the typical Iceberg Lettuce salad known at the restaurant as Eisbergsalat to the Gemischter Salat, or German Style Mixed Salad, which provides a sampling of all of the salads on the menu. Other salads guest will find on the menu at Edelweiss include German Potato Salad, Cucumber Salad, Tomato Salad, Cabbage Salad, and Red Kidney Bean Salad.

All of the main dishes at the authentic German and Austrian Edelweiss restaurant are serves with a choice of two sides. Bratwurst is of course on the menu, as well as Curry Bratwurst, which is bratwurst topped with homemade gravy and curry ketchup. Curry ketchup is particularly popular in Germany. Main entrees also include Schweinebraten, which is open roasted pork loin served with its own gravy, and Kassler Rippchen, which is similar to ham.

One of the highlights of the menu of German and Austrian cuisine at Edelweiss is the restaurant’s collection of schnitzel. All of the schnitzel options are made with cutlets of pork loin, however, guests can substitute the pork for chicken breast. For a simple option, the classic Wiener Schnitzel, think pork lightly fried to perfection, is a good choice. The Schnitzel Holstein is schnitzel served with anchovies and two sunny side up eggs on top, while the Cordon Bleu is schnitzel stuffed with Swiss cheese and sliced ham. Edelweiss also offers two schnitzel dishes that feature pan seared instead of breaded schnitzel: the Jaeger Schnitzel and the Paprika Schnitzel The Jaeger Schnitzel is smothered with a homemade signature mushroom gravy, while the Paprika Schnitzel is covered by a creamy paprika sauce.

The menu at Edelweiss includes a handful of delicious desserts to end a meal. These desserts include Apfelstrudel mit Sahne, which is apple strudel with whipped cream, and Eiskaffee, or vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and cold coffee. As for cake options, the Black Forest Cake, or Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte, is one delicious option, as well as the Sachertorte, which is a well-known Viennese Austrian Chocolate Cake.

2543 South Harbor City Boulevard, Melbourne, Florida, Phone: 321-7-23-65-55

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