Brevard Zoo in Melbourne serves as a home to over 650 animals that represent over 165 different species from Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, and Florida. Visitors can explore the many animal habitats as they stroll down shaded boardwalks, kayak around the Expedition Africa exhibit, or paddle around twenty-two acres of wetlands by boat at the Wild Florida exhibit. Guests can also cool off at the Indian River Play Lagoon, delight in the touch tanks of the Paws On area, and take an exhilarating zip line journey or navigate the obstacle course at Treetop Trek.

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Approximately seventy-five acres in size, Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida features paddle boats, kayak tours, animal feedings, behind-the-scene tours, train rides, and much more in addition to its hundreds of resident animals. The zoo consists of four different themed loops: La Selva, Wild Florida, Asia/Australia, and Expedition Africa. These four loops can be reached from the zoo’s main loop, which encircles the pond with flamingos. The zoo offers visitors the chance to see many of its resident animals up close as well. Guests can let giraffes eat from their hand, let colorful parrots land on their arm, and even pet a rhino.

Visitors to Brevard Zoo have the opportunity to enjoy some kayaking in the Expedition Africa exhibit. Experienced staff guide kayak tours of the exhibit, providing information about the animal along the slow journey past the African-themed animal exhibits, including ostriches, white rhinos, blue crane, and giraffes. After the kayaking experience, guests can make their way to the observation platform where they can feed giraffes and get on their eye-level. At the entrance of the Expedition Africa loop and the Asia/Australia Loop are Siamang gibbons. Visitors can also see cheetahs, meerkats, Grevy’s zebra in the Africa loop. Guests will also find a group of scimitar oryx, which have been extinct since the year 2000 in the wild.

The Asia/Australia loop of Brevard Zoo, as the name would suggest, features many species of animals from Asia, Oceania, and Australia. Guests can see a variety of different animals, including red kangaroo, wallaby, and emu. The loop is also home to a free-flight aviary, in which visitors can feed colorful lorikeets. The aviary is also home to roseate spoonbills, shelducks, kookaburras, cockatiels, and galahs.

The Wild Florida habitat loop features bobcats, crocodiles, alligators, river otters, and the almost extinct red wolf among many other species of animals. Animal feedings are shown in the Wild Florida loop as well. Visitors can also enjoy paddling around the area’s restored wetland environment.

The La Selva animal exhibit loop is home to golden-headed lion tamarins, cotton-top tamarins, and jaguars. Visitors can also see Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth, capybara, Baird’s tapir, and green iguanas. Black vultures, turkey vultures, and king vultures can be seen in the loop’s vulture exhibit, along with demonstrations and feedings.

The Paws On play area at Brevard Zoo is designed for children. The area features a petting zoo, playground, and touch tanks. At the Contact Yard, visitors can now get up-close and personal with armadillos, pygmy goats, alpacas, and more.

8225 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, Florida, Phone: 321-2-54-94-53

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