Located in Panama City Beach, Florida, the Man in the Sea Museum aims to showcase the progression of underwater technology through collecting, preserving, and displaying a large variety of equipment and artifacts. The museum hopes to instill a passion for the ocean and underwater diving in visitors of all ages. Visitors can explore a large variety of indoor and outdoor exhibitions, attend interactive workshops, and attend family-friendly events year-round.

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The Man in the Sea Museum was founded in 1982 and has happily served the local community since that day. The museum is more than 5,000 square-feet and features a large variety of comprehensive collections of underwater equipment.

The goal of the museum is to unlock the mysteries of the great blue ocean that explorers have still not explored in its entirety. By telling the stories of primitive, early diving methods and the generations it took to evolve exploration, research, and experimentation methods to where they are today, the museum is able to both preserve history and inspire the future.


There are a large variety of objects on display at the museum from both the past and the present including dive equipment, naval vehicles, underwater habitats, and treasures found in sunken ships from as early as 1500.

Some exhibition highlights including experimental dive systems from 1968 like the Mark I, experimentation chambers like the SEALAB III, early model submarines, specialty dive equipment, some of which have not changed since 1837, a progression of modules and pods, and even a large assortment of underwater helmets and masks.

One of the most exciting exhibitions it the SEALAB-1, which is the world’s first underwater habitat for professional divers. There are fully functional dive suits that have been worn while recovering treasures from the deep, and even exploration vehicles and naval equipment.


There are all kinds of events hosted year-round at the museum including lectures, workshops, interactive activities, family-friendly festivities, and educational programs. One of the most popular annual events is the MITS Bash (Oyster Bash), which is held every year in January.

MITS Bash / Oyster Bash: This event is held annually at the museum and is used to generate funds for the museum, its programs, and its conservation efforts. This past year, the event was held on January 28, 2017 at the museum and featured a fish fry and BBQ complete with unlimited fresh oysters!

The newly restored SEALAB I was unveiled as the main exhibition event and there were even fun events for the young future divers, including a bouncy house and a submarine tour. Local community members and businesses are invited to sponsor the event each year for varied ticket prices and benefits. Interested in attended next year? Check out the events page on the museum’s website.

Education & Programs:

Education and preservation are two of the core values of the museum and its dedicated staff. Through a variety of educational programs, lectures, workshops, and activities are available for members of the entire family.

For the future scientist, diver, researcher, or marine biologist, there is a fully-stocked research library filled with thousands of archives. All members of the museum are welcome to enjoy the library. There are also professional and scientific talks held often at the museum on a large assortment of topics including diving, marine life, conservation, and technological advancements. Be sure to check out the educational program information on the museum’s website.

Additional Information:

Man in the Sea Museum, 17314 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach, FL 32413, Phone: 850-235-4101