The Stoned Crab is an open-air seafood restaurant founded by accomplished Chef Paul Menta. Located in Ibis Bay Beach Resort of Key West, Florida, the diner is popular for its stone crabs, cocktails and excellent bay views.

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The Stoned Crab operates daily, Monday through Sunday from 10:00am to 11:00pm.

Breakfast Menu

Along with egg Benedicts, traditional egg dishes, New York bagels, sides, coffee, tea, and juices, the breakfast menu consists of the below breakfast items;

· Eye Openers - Bloody Mary, Champagne and hibiscus, passion fruit mimosa, and orange mimosa.

· Cuban Cafe - Con leche, colada, and bucci,

· South Of The Border - Huevos rancheros and breakfast quesadilla.

· A Healthy Start - Whole-grain pancakes, buttermilk pancakes, three-topping egg white scramble, tropical fruit and yogurt, and vanilla yogurt and honey.

Lunch Menu

The lunch menu offers starters, sandwiches, salads, fresh seafood tacos, pasta and the below lunch items;

· Brunch – Three-topping omelet, huevos rancheros, and breakfast quesadilla.

· Entrees - Baked half Key West lobster, fisherman's combo basket, fisherman's fish basket, whole fish of the day, Louie 1,000 Island salad, and ceviche salad.

Dinner Menu

The dinner menu consists of starters, plates, pasta, salads, sides, and the below dinner items;

· Steamers - Enameled steel pots full of steaming shellfish, corn on the cob, potatoes and butter presented in variations like Stoned Crab steamer, Old Bay steamer, Key West lobster steamer, fisherman's steamer, surf and turf steamer served with steamer sauces.

· Seafood Towers - The most spectacular presentation of The Stoned Crab seafood available in The Big Heat Tower and The Big Chill Tower.

The Eco Bar

The Eco Bar at The Stoned Crab offers wines and spirits from the very best producers practicing organic and sustainable methods. The Eco Bar also features hand-crafted eco-cocktails and craft beers.

Three Hands Fish

The Stoned Crab is a proud partner of the Three Hands Fish revolution of the Florida Keys. Three Hands Fish connects local commercial fishermen with the local residents and Key West's best restaurants like The Stoned Crab. The fish served at The Stoned Crab is sourced using the Three Hands Fish process that delivers fresh fish within hours of being caught. The first “hand” is the local fishermen, who bring fresh fish to the second “hand,” the fillet masters on the dock, where the fish gets cleaned, cut, and prepared. The third and the final “hand” is the consumer, who gets to taste same-day-caught fresh fish.

Special Events

With its wide range of food and beverage packages for private events, The Stoned Crab is an ideal venue for events of every size, be it a 10-person corporate event or a wedding event for 300 guests. The restaurant shares the most strategic location with Key West's Original 1956 Beachfront Resort, the beautiful Ibis Bay Resort, making it an ideal lodging location for guests attending a private event at The Stoned Crab.

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The Stoned Crab, 3101 N. Roosevelt Blvd, Key West Florida 33040, Phone: 305-294-4350 or 305-433-9431