Located in the Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach, K. Ramen. Burger. Beer offers diners a unique dining experience that brings together some of the most popular food choices to create cuisine that everyone can enjoy. This is Japanese food with an interesting, delicious twist. The location of K. Ramen. Burger. Beer makes it accessible to people of all walks of life. The comfortable, laid back dining atmosphere and the affordability of the menu items makes K. Ramen. Burger. Beer a deliciously interesting dining option to consider in Miami Beach.

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Reservations are not required. If patrons would like to book reservations for K. Ramen. Burger. Beer, they can do so online through OpenTable.


The menu at K. Ramen. Burger. Beer combines Japanese cuisine of poke and ramen with well-known favorites such as burgers, tots, and good beer to create fusion cuisine that is flavorful and unique. K. Ramen. Burger. Beer has both a food and drink menu.

· Food Menu - The food menu consists of a number of Japanese and classic American favorites that blend together quite well. Some of the menu options include poke and hand rolls, several varieties of ramen, starters such as edamame, vegetable kakiage, pan seared pork gyoza, sandwiches served with fries or tots, and mocha for dessert.

· Drinks Menu - The drinks menu consists of a wide variety of Japanese beverages from beers, specialty cocktails, sake, an assortment of wines, and much more.


Enjoy all that K. Ramen. Burger. Beer has to offer with their specials. Want to indulge in the various Japanese beers and cocktails that only K. Ramen. Burger. Beer can offer? Join the Happiest Hour, which occurs daily from 8:00pm to 9:00pm and enjoy a wide variety of beers, cocktails, and food at a discounted price. There is also a Sing For Your Drinks night, where patrons can earn drinks on the house by singing karaoke. To learn about more specials offered by K. Ramen. Burger. Beer and Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach, visit the website at http://www.townhousehotel.com/specials/.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for K. Ramen. Burger. Beer online at https://sbe.ourgiftcards.com/

Cards can be received electronically via email or sent through standard mail.

Private Dining/Events

K. Ramen. Burger. Beer can be used to host private dining events. The private, intimate setting of this restaurant makes it a good choice for gatherings and events. Whether planning a large or small event, K. Ramen. Burger. Beer is a perfect venue with a unique twist. The main area accommodates up to 75 guests. There is a full service bar that offers a wide selection of Japanese beers and cocktails coupled with an interesting and flavorful Japanese menu.

Those interested in using K. Ramen. Burger. Beer for private dining and events can contact the restaurant at (305) 534-3800.


K. Ramen. Burger. Beer, Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach, 150 20th Street, Miami, FL 33139, Phone: 305-534-3800