The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention is located in Gainesville, Florida. Visitors to the museum will enjoy the museum’s unique interactive technology and science exhibits. The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention can be found in Gainesville, Florida.

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The museum has been named for Dr. James Robert Cade. Cade was a musician, researcher, inventor, and physician that lead the University of Florida Team that developed Gatorade. His other inventions include high-protein milkshakes consumed by surgical patients, cancer patients, and athletes, the first shock-dissipating helmet for football players, and a diet modification method for treating people with schizophrenia and autism.

In 2004, the Cade family founded the Cade Museum Foundation. The Foundation’s purpose was to design and construct a museum in Gainesville. It was gifted with permanent funding to cover all operational and staff costs along with limited programing. The Museum opened in the summer of 2017. It reflects the Dr. James Robert Cade’s eccentric spirit, love of life and new ideas, and his continuous sincere desire to help, motivate, and encourage people of experience and ages.


The Cade Museum offers a variety of exhibits for visitors to enjoy.

The Tools: Neuroscience of Creativity- The Interactive Brain- This gallery showcases numerous interactive, modular exhibits that examine the function, plasticity, and anatomy of the brain. The gallery is organized to mimic the hemispheric organization of the brain. The interactive displays will teach guests the general properties of the brain as well as help them learn how their own brains are unique, highlighting the visitors’ interests, potentials, and talents.

The Process: The Gatorade Story- This gallery commemorates the impact of Gatorade products around the world and how it’s commercialization contributes to the University of Florida’s athletic achievement and finances. The gallery also includes a recreation of Dr. Cade’s University Lab. The lab has two modes. Its “rest” mode teaches visitors about the science and development of Gatorade. The “show” mode teaches about he creative process, challenges faced, techniques used and what encouraged them to complete the project.

The Opportunity: Entrepreneurship and Gator Tank- This gallery teaches visitors about how powerful entrepreneurship can be. Visitors also are provided the opportunity to “pitch” their own ideas and concepts to investors and the general public.

The Environment:

· American Ideals and Innovation- The highlight of this gallery is a display of more than eight million patents that have been given out over the year since the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was built in 1836. These patents are stacked in a way that creates an American Flag.

· Creativity Labs and Studios- This gallery features studios and labs for visitors to experience hands-on activities and interactive partnerships, and tools, equipment, and supplies visitors won’t find anywhere else for them to try their hand at invention.

· Traveling Exhibits- This gallery will rotate out new exhibits every three months. Some of these exhibits will include loans from institutions that the museum partners with such as the Smithsonian and the US Patent and Trade Office.

Educational Opportunities

The Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention provides several educational programs.

Living Inventor Series- The Museum hosts a different inventor every month that come to the Creativity Lab to teach a class about solving problems with creativity. Students are given the opportunity to learn the scientific principles that had a hand in the invention being taught about. Hands-on experiments are also part of the class.

Early Entrepreneurship Program- This program is geared toward high school and middle school students. Students learn how to realize their ideas and make profits off of them. Students are provided with the opportunity to start up a real business. They go through each process of inventing including designing, creating, packaging the product, and marketing and branding it for the public.

Field Trips- Field Trips are offered by the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention. These field trips include professional education in STEAM, interactive experiments and labs, “real” lab equipment and setting exposure, and a Cade Lab “loot bag” with “make-n-takes.”

Creativity Lab- The Creativity Lab teaches students through use of the “Cade Way.” They learn how to think with creativity like inventors using their imaginations and combining it with a combination of history and art. The lab puts the emphasis on WHO, not just WHAT and WHY on new ideas and technology.

Fab Lab- The “FAB” is a shortened version of fabrication. Basically, this is an area for inventing, manufacturing, and constructing. It provides students the opportunity to work with materials and tools such as computers, 3D scanners and printers, soldering stations, laser cutters, hand tools and regular everyday objects. Students can work alone with others to build robots, design in 3D, set off rockets, and come up with ideas for prototypes with a STEAM centered approach.

811 South Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601, Phone: 352-371-8001

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