Helping the environment is a great way to spend your weekend or mini-vacation, giving you a sense of fulfillment while being in a stunning natural atmosphere. The Environmental Learning Center in Vero Beach offers you the beauty of an aesthetically pleasing visit while giving you a chance to do your bit and help the environment.

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The Environmental Learning Center believes in educating their visitors about the importance of environmental conservation while engaging them in fun activities that can teach them the different nuances about helping the environment. With the numerous programs on offer here, this is an excellent way to spend time with your friends and loved ones. Being in the midst of nature is always a beautiful experience, and the Environmental Learning Center aims to give its visitors just that coupled with lots more!

The Environmental Learning Center is located on a large natural lagoon island in Florida, giving you a never-before glimpse of the state. The Learning Center pursues its mission of educating about the environment by taking visitors on trails and providing close-up encounters with wildlife. At the Environmental Learning Center, there is something for everyone, including activities for adventurous types as well as for those who prefer to kick back and relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. All in all, the center aims to help you create beautiful memories while helping to restore and protect nature.

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The list of things to do at the Environmental Learning Center is endless. There are activities catering to almost any age group to keep everyone in the group occupied and on their toes and the center is filled with activities designed to show you what you would be missing if the environment was not properly taken care of. For people who love the outdoors and want to engage in physical activity, the Environmental Learning Center has long stretches of explorable trekking paths that are nested away in the midst of lush trees. There are also guided trails that are ideal for those who want to experience this secret and beautiful side of Florida while not having to bother about losing their way. The tours are especially extremely beneficial to those who would like to know about their trekking surroundings as well as the local wildlife.

For those who would like a more up-close and personal experience with some of the animals here, the Environmental Learning Center has a large “touch-tank” where visitors can have a hands-on experience in learning how to care for the wildlife. The Environmental Learning Center also has a fully functional greenhouse that is home to over hundreds of different species of flora and fauna and is especially famous for housing very rare plants, some of which are only native to Florida. The tours also extend to this part of the Environmental Learning Center, with informational sessions on the plants grown here. This is a special treat because the greenhouse and its numerous plants tend to attract a myriad of butterflies.

For a more relaxing experience, visitors can enjoy a boat ride down the lagoon and get a water-side glimpse of the entire center and the surrounding greenery. Those who prefer a solo experience can also take a canoe and explore Florida’s beautiful lagoon waters.

The Environmental Learning Center is a wonderful place to spend a lovely weekend or a day out with the family. Most of the activities here can be signed up for once you reach the main desk, although certain activities like the boat rides require prior reservation and are available only on certain days of the week. Be sure to check out the Environmental Learning Center website and get in contact with them before finalizing your plan.

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