Doo, also known as Louisa, says that she “picked up the name in school.” The nickname is fitting, as her can-do attitude is eminently suited to her position as the sole operator and owner of Doo’s Amazing Tours. Doo’s Amazing Tours is situated in downtown St. Petersburg and is a premiere mobile tour company that offers affordable prices and a wide-ranging selection. With a directory of activities that are sure to please action junkies looking for a cheap thrill, the Doo’s can do anything! The company also provides meeting locations and pick-ups, so finding them is as simple as can be.

Doo’s Tours

The Bike Tour takes visitors on a ride to the Boyd Hill Nature Preserve with an accommodating tour guide who will show you the exotic oasis of Florida. Visitors can also choose to go alone, but the tour guide does a great job of connecting the sightseers with their surroundings. The provided mountain bikes take guests across 5 miles of boardwalks and trails, allowing the 245 acres of habitat to be truly admired along the Lake Maggiore shoreline. There are some good opportunities for bird watching, with birds like the red-tailed hawk, bald eagle, and red shouldered hawk. There are also a few other interesting species, such as gators, cormorants, ospreys, and anhingas, as well as ecosystems like pine flatwoods and willow marshes.

The “Kayak Tour” takes places among the fresh waters and mangroves of Weedon Island, allowing kayak enthusiasts to explore Florida and its expansive ecosystem. The tour last 1.5 to 2 hours. There is a culture to be learned (from the tour guide) and animals and birdlife to be seen. There is also a chance to see Native American royal burial mounds that date back over 1,500 years.

Paddleboard rentals and tours take place at St Petersburg Coffee Pot Bayou. There are some scenic views to take in here as well as the chance to see manta rays and dolphins. Standup paddleboarding, is also a energetic and fun activity on offer here.

More Doo’s Tours

The Segway Tour offers choices of an eco-tour, a 1-hour tour, or a historic tour. Prior to any tour, 20-minute training is provided. Kids must be at least 11 years old, and a meet-up location to collect the Segways is given. There are clear waters, tropical vegetation, and a 5-mile trek on the Natural Spring River Tour around Florida and these vast waters can be explored either by kayak or by single/double paddleboard.

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