The Florida Surf Museum is located in Cocoa Beach, Florida next to the town’s legendary Ron Jon Surf Shop. The museum is focused on the preservation and documentation of the unique culture and history of surfing in the state of Florida. Visitors can come and explore the Florida Surf Museum to experience the traditions and heritage of the local surfing community through exhibits, programs, and special events throughout the year. Highlights of the museum include some of the best spots for surfing in Florida, profiles of surfing legends, and numerous stories that have been preserved through many voice of the Florida surfing community, both from the past and present day.

Open to the public from eight in the morning until 6:30 at night on a daily basis, the Florida Surf Museum is housed in a special place within the Ron Jon Surf Shop complex. This space offers visitors with a chance to see various rotating exhibits the museum display for the benefit of the public who would like to know more about the surfing community and surfing culture of the state of Florida. The Florida Surf Museum is also a headquarters for the digital archival activites for the local surfing community, as well as an oral history project. The museum documents and preserves the unique and interesting culture and history of surfing along the East Coast in general, and Florida in particular. The various exhibits visitors can discover and learn from within the museum explore the evolution and history of surfing, including legendary surfers, amazing spots for surfing, suf boards, surfing culture, and much more.

The current exhibition at the Florida Surf Museum is Gary Propper- Surf/ Art/ Entertainment. Visitors can explore the fascinating exhibit at no cost for admission. This exhibition focuses on the life and work of Gary Propper, an artist recognized throughout the world and a surfing legend of the East Coast. Along with several examples of works of art created by Gary Propper, the exhibition also features a multimedia presentation. Guests will also be able to see contemporary and vintage Gary Propper Model surfboards. These include the Hobie re-issue, as well as Gary’s own line of surfboards that feature original art graphics and shaped by John Parton.

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Gary Proper rose to being a prominent surfer on the East Coast back in the 1960’s when he became the top competitor on the Hobie Surf Team, which was led by Dick Catri, another legend in surfing. Gary won the East Coast Surfing Championships in 1966, after which he became the first surfer of the East Coast of the United States to gain international prominence. Gary Propper not only became the highest paid professional surfer of his time, he was also possibly the first profession surfer of the era. Hobie sold more than six thousand Gary Propper model surfboards, which is more than any other signature model surfboard in history. In 1996, Gary Propper was inducted into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.

5275 North Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa Beach, Florida, Phone: 321-720-8033

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