Joel Platt, founder of the Sports Immortals Museum in Boca Raton, has been collecting sports memorabilia since he was a child. He is now the premier curator of memorabilia related to all kinds of sports and athletes. Through the past four decades, Platt has traveled more than one million miles to curate more than one million items of sports memorabilia, meeting with sports legends and those related to them. The Sports Immortals Museum aims to motivate and inspire every guests that visits the complex to strive for the greatest amount of effort in their endeavors.

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The collection of sports memorabilia that Platt has assembled has been showcased in the past within the Smithsonian Institute, and acts as the center for several other Sports Immortals projects in development. These developing projects include the Sports Immortals Museum, Sports Immortals Documentaries, Sports Immortals Virtual Museum, and Sports Immortals Traveling Exhibitions among others. Sports Immortals is devoted entirely to super athletes of whose impact on their sport has never faded away, preserving the achievements and memories of the greatest athletes of the world.

The main point of focus at the Sports Immortals complex is its World Museum of Sports. The inspirational, immersive, and interactive museum celebrates the achievements of the greatest athletes in the history of sports. The various eras in sports history are brought to life in chronological order. Visitors to the Sports Immortals Museum can experience the sights and sounds of history through using the latest in multimedia technology. Artifacts displayed in the museum date back to the times of the Roman Coliseum up until present day.

The International Hall of Fame at the Sports Immortals Museum enshrines and honors sports legends from throughout the world who are representative of the highest in sports accomplishments. The goal is that to be recognized as a “Sports Immortal” will be considered the greatest sports honor. Also located in the Sports Immortals Complex is the Sports Immortals Gallery and Grill Restaurant combines the best in food, sports, retails, entertainment, and more. There is also the Sky Box Cafe for visitors who are in a bit of a hurry, or want food like you would find at a ballgame.

The Sports Immortals Interactive Arcade offers visitors a chance to compete in various interactive sports competitions, either against one another or “Virtual Sports Immortals.” With the use of the newest technology, guests have the opportunity to race with Jimmie Johnson, try to strike out Babe Ruth, go toe-to-toe against Muhammad Ali, or kick a winning field goal. The You Make the Call exhibit allows visitors to call some of greatest moments in sports history play-by-play.

The Immortals Cinema at the Sports Immortal Museum complex consists of a 360-degree theater. In this theater, visitors can watch a short film showcasing the twenty of the greatest moments in the history of sports. At the cinema is a smaller multimedia theater as well, where guests can watch a variety of Hollywood classics paying tribute to several Sports Immortals, such as Jimmy Thorpe and Knute Rockne.

6830 North Federal Highway, Boca Raton, Florida, Phone: 561-997-2575

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