Lion Country Safari is an African Adventure located in Western Palm Beach County. It is the only drive through safari park in Florida. On site, visitors will also find an amusement park with rides, water playground, animal encounters, shopping, and dining.


Lion Country Safari opened in 1967 by a group of entrepreneurs from Britain and South Africa. It was the first, and still the only, drive through safari park in the state. The park introduced the cage less zoo concept to Southern Florida and was soon wildly popular.

Lion Country Safari is home to more than 900 animals that occupy the drive through preserve as well as the exhibit area--World Safari. A KOA campground was added to the park in the 1980's with more than 200 campsites at the end of the 4 miles trail through the safari park. There are also 6 retail stores, 3 dining options, an animal hospital, a theater, gas station, and a waste treatment center. Lion Country Safari also employs nearly 200 people. Educational opportunities and programs are also available.

Lion Country Safari is the most popular tourist destination in Palm Beach County and is one of the leading attractions in all of South Florida. Hundreds of thousands of people take a safari at Lion Country annually to experience up close and personal with exotic animals in open environments.


Lion Country Safari Park is two attractions in one. There is a walk-through safari park called Safari World as well as a drive through safari park. Visitors should keep in mind that pets are not allowed at Lion Country Safari, not even in vehicles that only visit the drive-through safari. Kennels are available to be rented for a refundable deposit. Service animals are welcome, but visitors need to alert the ticket booth to their dog so that the rest of the animal staff can be prepared.

Many of the animals featured at Lion Country Safari are a part of special conservation programs to help protect endangered and rare specials. These species survival plans are an integral part of the conservation programs at Lion Country Safari.

Drive-Through Safari Park- This safari park is divided up into 7 sections that visitors can drive through. The recommended amount of time to allot for the drive through safari is one and a half hours to finish the four-mile tour.

· Las Pampas- The South American Grasslands are featured in this exhibit where the aldabra tortoise, Brazilian tapir, brown pelican, alpaca, and greater rhea who is on the species survival plan at Lion Country, are found.

· Ruaha National Park- Animals from the wilderness of Africa call Ruaha National Park home. Visitors can find the ostrich, impalas, and greater kudu here.

· Kalahari Bushveldt- This exhibit features animals from the dry plateau in Southwest Africa. The Nile Lechwe, Ostrich, and scimitar-horned oryx call this area home.

· Gir Forest- Modeled after the National Park in India, Gir Forest features Asiatic water buffalo, Nilgai, and blackbucks.

· Gorongosa Reserve- Animals found in the north part of Mozambique are on exhibit in the Gorongosa Reserve, which is also one of Africa's most popular wildlife attractions. Animals living in this exhibit include African Lions.

· Serengeti Plains- Named for the famous East-African plains, the exhibit features common Elands, ostriches, wildebeests, waterbucks, impala, ankole cattle.

· Hwange National Park- The Southern White Rhino, zebra, hartebeests, chimpanzee, gibbons, giraffes, wildebeests, greater kudo and Lowland nyala are in this exhibit that is named for a National Park in Western Zimbabwe.

Safari World

Safari World takes a recommended time of at least four hours to fully enjoy. This walk-through safari includes animal exhibits, a theme park, splash playground, animal feeding and interaction experiences, and lots of food and shopping options.

The Animals- Safari World is more of an open-air zoo with animals such as sloths, pygmy goats, siamang gibbons, many African birds, skinks, alligators, many tortoises and snakes, spider monkeys, giraffes, alpaca, and more.

Theme Park- Safari World has a small theme park that includes five rides, a boat tour of Lake Shanalee Islands, paddle boating activities, waterslides, and a water splash ground. A miniature golf course, train ride, carousel, and giraffe feedings and other animal interaction opportunities. Visitors can also enjoy the Prehistoric Park walkthrough featuring models of prehistoric plants and animals, or pan for gems and fossils, and try to make it through the maze first.

Animals Theater- At the large stage in Safari World, animal experts and zookeepers often put on informational shows about the animals at Safari World. The animals, such as birds, snakes, and donkeys are brought on stage for presentations.

Exhibit Talks-Throughout the day, regularly scheduled animal talks with zookeepers allow guests to get a deeper understanding of different animal species, the environment, and conservation. The schedule is posted daily at Lion's Country and is printed on the informational materials or found online.

Educational Opportunities

Lion Country Safari offers many educational programs and camps at Safari World. All school programs meet STEAM compliance, offer discounted rates and special menus for box lunches. School programs are available for preschool through grade 12. These programs must be registered in advance and include exhibit talks and a scavenger hunt. Safari World also has buses available for groups to rent for their school tours.

Tours- There are many tour options for adults and families that include special photo opportunities and behind the scenes tours. Groups must register at least a week in advance and have a minimum of 10 participants.

Summer Day Camp- Safari World offers day camp during the summer months for children between 6 and 13 years old. Sessions run 5 days per week, Monday through Friday with extended early care available. Animal and environmental activities are completed throughout the day as well as crafts and games.

Scouting Workshops- Boy Scouts and Girl Scout groups can come to Lion Country Safari World for workshops designed for scouts. These programs are available during the school year and meet badge requirements. Tent camping is also available for scouting groups at the KOA campground.

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Special Events

Lion Country Safari celebrates World Chimpanzee Day every year. Special educational tours focusing on chimpanzees are offered and well as a chimpanzee celebration on the observation island. The events part of World Chimpanzee Day is an additional ticket fee.

Birthday Parties- Two different types of birthday parties are offered at Lion country. A basic party or Safari Celebration Party. A maximum of 15 guests is included in party packages and parties should be booked two months in advance as reservations fill quickly. The safari package included admittance into both parks for guests, free parking, food, snacks, drinks, a birthday host, decorations, and invitations. Upgrades are available for parties including close encounters with animals and private VIP animal presentations.

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Shopping and Dining

Safari World is where the shopping and dining at Lion Country Safari is found. There are six gift shops that sell film, cameras, souvenirs, clothing, and toys. A cafeteria style restaurant is on site offering sandwiches, pizza, chicken, burgers, salads, hotdogs, and more. A concession stand is also available offering funnel cakes, hotdogs, ice cream, cotton candy, and other snacks. Guests can also enjoy soft serve ice cream at Carvel.

KOA Camp Ground

Lion Country Safari KOA campground offers tent camping sites for visitors wishing to camp and enjoy the outdoors during their visits. Canoe and airboat trips, fishing, and sporting activities are available at or near the campground and Lion Country Safari grounds. RV sites and cabins are also available, and pets may be kept on campgrounds. A heated pool and group outings such as family reunions and birthday parties are also available.

2003 Lion Country Safari Road, Loxahatchee Florida, 33470, website, Phone: 516-793-1084

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