Arkup is a builder of high-end yachts based in Miami, Florida, with plans to build floating homes for those who don’t just want a view, but want to “live in the view.” The livable yachts are able to cruise at slow speeds, offer dockside living in marinas, or can be hoisted to dry docks. The self-sufficient solar powered homes have all the amenities and conveniences of an on-land home.

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An Arkup floating home has a 2,300 square footprint with a living space that’s surrounded on three sides by decking. One deck may be used as a boat lift or can be immersed as a bathing platform. Other decks are retractable for when the floating home is under way. The two story homes have four bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, a living space, dining space, and full sized Miele branded kitchens. Additional amenities include a washer and dryer, jacuzzi bath tub, smart house automation, indoor climate control and LED lighting system. The home’s 2,3000 square foot roof is lined by 36kW solar power panels, which provide more than enough electricity for comfortable living. A rainwater harvesting system collects fresh water, and then further purifies it before storing it in the hull below.

From the monitoring and maneuvering console, operators may control the movement of the home’s 275 horse power engine, manage the ballasts, lift the hull up and down, and keep tabs on tank and battery capacity. Traveling speeds max out a 7 knots, and the home’s range is 300 nautical miles. Each unit is built to withstand a category 4 hurricane, and comes equipped with a hydraulic lift system to prevent sea sickness and help stabilize the home while on the water. The home’s four hydraulic ballasts can anchor the unit in up to 20 feet of water, and may then lift the hull up to 40 feet, to fully stabilize the home while at anchor. This is the same technology used by oil rigs to stay stable at sea. A full array of communications equipment includes WiFi, satellite television, LTE and VHF radios. Additional safety equipment includes smoke detectors and water leak detectors, a back up generator, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, bilge pumps, and a video surveillance system.

Arkup positions itself as a solution to global warming, both in the sustainability of the home’s design, and the fact that it provides on the water housing, as an alternative to living on land. Citing the popularity of living on the water in countries such as New Zealand and the Netherlands, Arkup boasts first to market status in the United States, and is betting on high end buyers looking for sustainable, off-grid housing solutions that combine luxury with ocean living. All dimensions, technologies and design may be customized upon request. Each floating home costs approximately $5 million.

Arkup’s two co-founders, Arnaud Luguet and Nicolas Derouin have backgrounds in green technology, engineering, real estate and business. Both men are passionate about water sports, boating and environmental conservation. They are guided by a board of advisors that includes engineers, marine innovators, and real estate and renewable energy investors. Arkup is partnered with Waterstudio Netherlands, a marine architecture firm, Donald Blount and Associates naval architects and marine engineers, and the Miami-based RMK Merrill-Stevens shipyard, which has been building some of the world’s most luxurious yachts since 1885.

The concept of luxury floating homes is not entirely Unique to Arkup. Dubai’s Floating Seahorse homes offer a chance to live underwater, with a master bedroom located below the water line, surrounded by concrete decking which allows for the growth of coral and other sea life. When the company launched in 2015, over 60 of the first edition homes were sold. The company has now sold out of its first three editions.

The Dutch company Waterlovt is the most affordable of the three, with homes starting at $1.2 million. The Waterlovt design includes an on-board desalination system, and a solar system that stores energy in a Tesla battery, allowing for complete off-grid living.

Arkup floating homes are classified as recreational boats. It is uncertain what the future holds as a potential growth in the market could cause regulators to question the home’s classification, and the subsequent rules that would apply to this type of property.

Arkup has been making the rounds of several boat shows and will next be appearing at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October of 2018.

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