Art can come in so many forms, styles, shapes, and sizes. Its potential is limitless, matched only by the incredible spectrum of emotions and reactions it is able to trigger. A piece of art can make us reflect on all aspects of life, as well as feeling a real whirlwind of emotions, from joy to intrigue. Art is made to be admired and appreciated by many different people in order to trigger all these different responses, and the best way to see lots of art is to attend an art show.

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For many years now, Miami has stood out as one of the top destinations for art shows in the entire United States. The annual ‘Art Miami’ fair, which includes multiple shows and exhibitions all around Miami, is the biggest name on the city’s art calendar. The standard Art Miami and Context Art Miami shows have their unique features and charms, but Aqua Art Miami is perhaps the most fascinating of the trio.

Held in a South Beach hotel each year, Aqua Art Miami is the show for the curious. It’s the place where you can come to find brand new treasures, hidden gems, and future stars of the art world. This show is all about emerging artists and up and coming talents. The names on the exhibitors list might be unfamiliar at first, as this show offers a platform for less experienced and renowned artists to share their creations, but once you see some of their work, you’ll understand just why they’ve been given this chance. In short, it’s one of the most exciting art shows in Miami.

Aqua Art Miami 2019

For 2019, Aqua Art Miami is set to be bigger and better than ever before. Year on year, this amazing Miami art show has continued to grow and prosper, drawing in new talents and new art lovers with each fresh edition. Aqua Art Miami is one of the hottest events on the Miami art calendar and one of the best shows to see in this city. Here's all you need to know about Aqua Art Miami 2019:

- What To Expect - Aqua Art Miami 2019 will be a place for art lovers and collectors to come together and admire the works of dozens of emerging artists from all over the world. Many international exhibitors will be in attendance and lots of fresh new pieces and talents will be on display for all to see. Along with the art itself, Aqua Art Miami will also feature live musical performances, with several renowned DJs in attendance, and some talks and other unique events like a book signing. Various artists will be presenting their projects and creations in unique ways, like a mobile tattoo studio, video displays, sculptures, and more.

- Location - Aqua Art Miami will be held at the South Beach Aqua Hotel, 1530 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It's a beautiful location with spacious exhibition areas and nice outdoor spaces too, conveniently located near plenty of hotels and restaurants for those wishing to spend a few days and nights in the area.

- Dates - The 2019 edition of Aqua Art Miami will be held from December 4 through to December 8. It's important to note that December 4 is a special preview event for VIP pass holders and members of the press only, whereas the rest of the show (December 5-8) is classed as 'General Admission'.

- Times - The times of the show's opening will vary from day to day. The VIP preview event on December 4 will run from 3pm through to 10pm. The first day of General Admission will begin at 12pm and run through to 9pm. The show will be open from 11am to 9pm on December 6 and 7. Then, on the final day, Aqua Art Miami will open at 11am as usual and close up at 6pm.

- Buying Tickets - Anyone wishing to attend Aqua Art Miami 2019 will need to have a ticket. Children aged 12 and younger can enter for free, but all other guests will need to pay. You can choose to buy either a one-day pass, which will provide full access to Aqua Art Miami on any of the General Admission days, or a multi-day pass. Discounts on the one-day pass are provided for seniors (those aged 62 and above) and students (those aged between 12 and 18).

- The Multi-Day Pass - Priced at $100, the multi-day pass for Aqua Art Miami is easily the best value option for people who want to attend this show and really make the most of the general 'Art Miami' fair all around the city. This pass gives you access to Aqua Art Miami for all of the General Admission days. It also provides general access to the Art Miami and Context Art Miami sister shows, letting you travel around Miami and see a lot of amazing art all with just one ticket.

- Other Important Information - There are a few simple rules guests are expected to follow when attending Aqua Art Miami. For example, pets are not allowed except guide dogs and other animals who are assisting disabled individuals in some way. Strollers are not allowed either, and guests are discouraged from bringing large items like suitcases and bikes along to the event. In fact, all large bags are prohibited from the event. Small bags are allowed but may be searched prior to entry.

Aqua Art Miami is set to be an incredible show and a wonderful way to see new works and engage with fellow art-lovers and emerging artists alike. There are always new discoveries just waiting to be made at this amazing show and never before seen treasures waiting to be admired and perhaps even added to your own personal collection. Tickets can be booked online and you can get in touch with the main office for Aqua Art Miami via 800 376 5850. website