A trip to a children’s museum is a great way to find something that will appeal to both kids and adults alike. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is specially designed to engage kids and a place where both kids and parents can enjoy themselves and have an educational visit. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the museum was founded as an interactive learning tool for younger ages.

1.History & Programs

History & Programs
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The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has a rich history that has significantly contributed towards making the place what it is today. The museum was pioneered by a group of individuals who had a vision in mind – to build a museum that was both educational and appealing to kids. The museum received a lot of funding prior to its development from the community as well as the city council, who all loved the idea of a museum catered towards children. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix was built on the premises of the historic Monroe School, which had until then served solely as a heritage site. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix was part of the Monroe School’s alumni program and since then has developed significantly to achieve its goals. The alumni of the school realized that there was no better way to pay homage to the school than to help it grow as a noteworthy educational institution, making it what it is today.


The Children’s Museum of Phoenix was one of the first children’s museums in the country and remains one of the four ever built in America. Unlike other museums, where all you can do is stand around and look at an exhibit, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix encourages people to get a closer look at all the art and craft pieces on display at the museum. Kids like to touch everything, even when told not to, and this foundation allows them to move the exhibits without any repercussions.

A large number of the exhibits here are interactive and are great teaching tools to help kids learn more about the world and all its wonders. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has exhibits that range across a variety of subjects, making it an excellent overall educational tool. In addition, the museum has some interactive learning sessions and workshops specifically designed to spike a child's interest. These programs are intended to help kids question the things around them and discover the answers for themselves by simply being given the right tools for learning. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix has partnered with numerous schools in the past and has received a stellar response from educators and parents alike about the various teaching programs that the museum has to offer.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix doesn't just cater to kids; it remembers the parents who brought them here as well. There are numerous programs for parents to partake in that are centered on child development and learning as well courses in child psychology and anything else that would benefit the parent when it comes to properly raising their child. The Children’s Museum of Phoenix is a place for both parents and kids to learn.

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2.Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit
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Since the museum is catered to children, kids get some pretty good discounts on admission tickets when it comes to entering the Children’s Museum of Phoenix. If you plan to revisit the museum again in future, be sure to save your pass for the next visit to get more discounts on admission prices. The list of programs and workshops the museum conducts is regularly updated on the museum website. It is advised to go over those when picking a date to visit to get the most out of your experience at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix.

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215 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034, Phone: 602-253-0501, website

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Best Things to Do in Phoenix, AZ: Children’s Museum of Phoenix

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