Bringing traditional summer camps into the modern age and putting the kids first, Steve and Kate's Camp has swiftly become one of the most trusted and beloved names in the business. Rather than following flawed models and outdated rulesets, this summer camp keeps 100% of the focus on the kids themselves, aiming to ensure that every child feels free to express themselves and do what they want to do.

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The whole point of a summer camp is, after all, for the kids to have fun, making new friends, trying new things, and learning some important lessons along the way. Steve and Kate's Camp provides the perfect conditions to promote education and enjoyment in every single aspect of camp life. With multiple locations all around California, as well as additional locations in Colorado, DC, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Washing State, you're never too far away from a Steve and Kate's Camp.

Steve and Kate’s Summer Camps

Steve and Kate's Summer Camps are centered on five major creative forms of expression. These five 'studios' have been designed by scientists and have proven highly popular with kids of all ages, letting them flex their creative muscles and put their imaginations to good use. The five studios are Film, Music, Fashion, Coding/Robotics, and Bread-Making, with each studio offering a selection of educational and entertaining activities and workshops, helping kids shape their futures and be whoever they want to be.

As well as these five main forms of expression, Steve and Kate's Summer Camps also offer a huge range of additional activities and games for everyone to enjoy including board games, card games, arts and crafts, films, sports, kart racing, video games, ping pong tables, and so much more. On the final day of each camp, the famous Steve and Kate's Camp Carnival event takes place, bringing all the campers together for a full day of fun and even letting them have a chance to win some fabulous prizes and tasty treats.

Steve and Kate's Break Weeks

Steve and Kate's Summer Camps are some of the best around, but what about the other times of the year? That's where the Break Week Camps come in. These pop-up camps appear in select locations outside of the summer months, for example during spring break and through the winter. Prepared with the same smart philosophy and sensible ideas that make Steve and Kate's Summer Camps so popular, the Break Week Camps also feature unique activities and options depending on the location and conditions.

Steve and Kate's Break Weeks are held during winter break, mid-winter break, and spring break. Some of the locations on the list include New York, San Jose, and San Francisco, and you can register your kids for a Steve and Kate's Break Week Camp at any time of year. These camps open up from 7:30am and shut down at 6pm, offering even more fun opportunities for kids to enjoy all the benefits and excitement of these camps outside of the summer months.

Steve and Kate's Camp Fees

When reserving a spot for your kids at Steve and Kate's Summer Camp or Break Week Camp, you'll have a choice between day passes or full membership. A day pass, as the name suggests, grants full access to any camp location for a full day. The full membership, meanwhile, comes at a higher cost but grants free access to all camps over the course of the entire summer. A good idea is to start off with a day pass and see how your kids feel; you can upgrade to a membership at any time for no additional cost. The membership also comes with a free day pass to be gifted to a friend.

Steve and Kate's Camp Food

Kids are going to need a whole lot of energy and hydration in order to enjoy all of the fun activities, games, and special events of each and every day at these super summer camps and break weeks, so parents and guardians will be happy to hear that a wide range of high quality food is provided at all times. Each camper is offered a good range of healthy, delicious meals, along with sides and snacks. All special dietary requirements will be considered too, with gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options provided at each camp location. All food is delivered directly to the kids, meaning no time is wasted waiting around in lines. website