There are some natural landmarks in this world that stand out for their beauty, size, and incredible majesty. In the world of mountains, the likes of Everest and Kilimanjaro reign supreme, and when it comes to rivers, there's simply no beating the Amazon. Flowing horizontally across South America, the Amazon River is the largest in the world, passing through Peru, Colombia, and Brazil on its way to the Atlantic Ocean.

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It’s an incredible river that has lured in legions of adventurers and explorers over the years, with its surrounding rainforests and stunning scenery being regarded among the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. In the past, a trip down the Amazon was fraught with danger, but with modern vessels and technology, a luxury Amazon River cruise is now one of the best possible vacations you can take in South America, with Delfin Amazon Cruises being a leading provider.

Delfin Amazon Cruises - Top Amazon River Cruises

Based in the Upper Peruvian Amazon, Delfin Amazon Cruises is a leading name in the world of Amazon River cruises, offering truly magical journeys aboard luxury vessels through awe-inspiring scenery that will leave you breathless and eager for more. For a truly once in a lifetime experience unlike any other, an Amazon River cruise with Delfin is a simply unmissable adventure.

- The Experience - Taking a cruise with Delfin Amaon Cruises is very different to any other river cruise you might have taken in the past. The vessels operated by this company are all designed with luxury and indulgence in mind, offering on-board services like gourmet meals and soothing massages, as well as extensive suites with floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies.

- The Destination - With Delfin Amazon Cruises, you’ll be traveling along the upper section of the Amazon River in Peru, able to see all kinds of amazing wildlife and gorgeous scenery all around each and every day, , even perhaps catching a glimpse of the river's mythical pink dolphins and admiring the awe-inspiring lush greenery of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

- Activities - As well as spending plenty of time on board your chosen vessel, enjoying the comfort of your cabin and the luxurious on-board spaces and facilities, you'll also be able to step off onto dry land throughout the cruise for excursions into the rainforest, trail walks, paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing, and more.

The Ships

Delfin Amazon Cruises currently boasts of three beautiful Amazon cruise ships for travelers to choose from. Here's a little more about each one:

- The Delfin I - The original vessel of Delfin Amazon Cruises, the Delfin I is also the most luxurious of all and offers by far the most deluxe cruising experiences in the Peruvian Amazon region. It features a total of four oversized suites, each with their own private whirlpools, spacious panoramic terraces, cozy seating areas, and large beds, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows for the very best viewing experiences of the awe-inspiring scenery passing by. The Delfin I also comes with a lounge and bar space on the top floor, offering the ideal relaxation and recreation center to while away the hours as you cruise along the most breathtaking river on the face of the Earth.

- The Delfin II - Offering a nice compromise between luxury, elegance, refinement, and affordability, the The Delfin II boasts of 14 spacious guest suites, with 10 standard suites and four master suites. Two sets of suites can actually be interconnected for larger groups or families, and all suites come complete with enormous windows to gaze out on the Amazon landscapes, with the master suites having 180 degree windows and King-size beds. The Delfin II also has an open air observation deck, an on-board fitness center, a lecture room, a spa for soothing massages and beauty treatments, and a dining area too.

- The Delfin III - Last but not least, we have the Delfin III, the latest and largest member of the Delfin fleet. It features a total of 22 suites, able to accommodate a grand total of 43 passengers overall. Gorgeously decorated and furnished with local Peruvian items like chests and baskets, the suites on board the Delfin III feature huge windows and amazing views, with all guests of the hyper luxurious Owner’s suite treated to a free 30 minute spa treatment during their time aboard, as well as a scented bath upon request, a fully stocked mini bar, and laundry facilities. Those in the simpler suites also benefit from floor-to-ceiling windows and Peruvian cotton sheets, as well as full access to the Delfin III's spa, sun deck, gym, and dining room. website