In the past, cruises had a reputation for being quite exclusive and having high prices, with these unique kinds of travel experiences typically reserved for the richer members of society. Nowadays, however, cruises are more accessible than ever before, with statistics showing that more and more people are choosing to go on cruises rather than other kinds of vacations.

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The advantages of cruises are clear to see:

- Practicality - Going on a cruise lets you simply book your spot on board, sit back, and relax. You don’t have to worry about anything else from that point on, as the staff and crew will take care of absolutely everything for you.

- Variety - Cruises often visit many locations all in quite a short space of time. In just a single week on a Caribbean cruise, for example, you can visit three or four islands and enjoy a rich and varied vacation at a great price.

- Comfort - Modern day cruise ships are essentially floating resorts. They often feature multiple swimming pools and classy restaurants, as well as live entertainment venues, fun activities for kids, sports courts, cinemas, shops, casinos, and more.

Clearly, cruises are here to stay and offer so much to the people who choose to take them. They can be highly exciting and enjoyable, but it’s always important when booking any kind of trip or travel experience that you do your research and make the right choices. That’s where a site like Cruise Critic can help out.

Cruise Critic - Cruise Reviews and Deals

As the name indicates, Cruise Critic is one of the leading sites for cruise reviews online. By consulting Cruise Critic when planning out your next cruise, you can learn all about the ships, routes, destinations, and so much more, reading hundreds of reviews from actual passengers and getting the information you need to make an educated decision which cruise to book. Here are just some of the advantages and features of using Cruise Critic:

- Trusted Cruise Reviews - There are countless cruise reviews online, but you can never be too sure of how reliable one individual review will be. Cruise Critic stands out from the crowd by featuring thousands of reviews written by actual cruise passengers, just like yourself. It’s one of the top sites to choose if you’re looking for real cruise reviews written by real people. These reviews are totally honest and in-depth accounts of people’s experiences on board various cruise ships all over the globe. Cruise Critic features reviews of cruise lines, individual ships, excursions, destinations, ports, river cruises, luxury cruises, and more.

- A Goldmine of Cruise Information - With so many reviews to read through and easy to follow star ratings from both editors and Cruise Critic members, Cruise Critic is a veritable goldmine of information related to cruises. This site gives you full breakdowns and overviews of individual ships, routes, and more. This is where you can learn all about deck plans and activities offered on board, as well as getting reviews of individual restaurants and dining options, plus photos of the ships, cabin reviews, and so much more. Cruise Critic also shares regular blog articles on cruise tips for first time cruisers, detailed overviews of different types and styles of cruises, lists of the best cruise destinations, and more.

- Cruise Deals - As well as acting as an in-depth encyclopaedia and trusted review source for all things cruise-related, Cruise Critic also helps you find the best deals on cruise and get the lowest prices every time. This site is dedicated to helping its enormous community of members and users have the best cruise experiences. To that end, Cruise Critic tracks cruise prices as they rise and fall, highlighting the hottest deals as soon as they become available and giving you and other users instant access to the very best cruise prices.

- Cruise Finder - Do you want to go off on a cruise but aren’t quite sure of your destination? Maybe you have a style of cruise in mind, like a Caribbean cruise or a river cruise, but haven’t made any decisions in terms of the details? Perhaps you’ve got a free month later in the year and just want to see what options are available? If you find yourself in need of a little help to find the perfect cruise, the Cruise Critic cruise finder feature is an excellent tool to use. The cruise finder lets you search, using a great range of filters and tools, for cruises available all through the year. You can search via destination, month, cruise line, cruise style, destination, cruise length, and more.

For all your cruise reviews, cruise deals, and cruise information, Cruise Critic is the site to choose. It’s the number one resource in the UK for cruise details and offers so much in-depth information on every single aspect of the cruise process. In short, Cruise Critic has to be a part of your cruise planning and preparation, helping you find the best ships, lines, cabins, and activities to have a better and happier cruise. website