The five Great Lakes of North America cover around 95,000 square miles and have shoreline along eight different US states, as well as parts of Canada too. Each lake is beautiful enough to take one's breath away, having its own unique charms, features, and more. They're all worthy of a visit, and one of the best ways to really appreciate and experience the majesty and beauty of these lakes is to actually get out on the water on a Great Lakes cruise.

The Great Lakes cruise season doesn't last for long as the cold weather in this part of North America means that many parts of the lake freeze over in winter and the ports are too frosty and snowy to operate, so you'll need to make time in the summer for your Great Lakes cruise, but if you do go ahead and travel on a Great Lakes cruise ship, you definitely won't regret it. See below for details on a couple of the best Great Lakes cruises you might be interested in checking out.

1.Pearl Seas Cruises - 7 Night Great Lakes - Pearl Mist

Pearl Seas Cruises - 7 Night Great Lakes - Pearl Mist
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Climb aboard the exquisite Pearl Mist and set off on the '7 Night Great Lakes' cruise to visit four of the five Great Lakes, with special focus on Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Along the way, you'll stop off at various villages and towns in both the United States and Canada and get plenty of opportunities to admire the local landscapes, learn more about the history and importance of the Great Lakes themselves, and visit various landmarks all over the region.

This cruise lets you enjoy a trip on board the Pearl Mist. The premier cruise ship from Pearl Seas Cruises, the Pearl Mist can cater to over 200 guests and features 300 square foot staterooms, offering a lot of space for passengers to stretch out and not feel cramped or crowded. The ship is also fitted out with private balconies, beautiful decoration, elegant furnishings, a library, an Atlantic Lounge, sun decks, a fitness center, a large dining room, and plenty more.

This incredible Great Lakes cruise starts off in Milwaukee, letting you set off across the enormous Lake Michigan to visit Muskegon, also known as the 'Riviera of the Midwest', and Holland, a town founded by Dutch immigrants and still soaked with Dutch culture and heritage to this day. Next, you'll be able to visit beautiful Mackinac Island and then stop off at Sault Sainte Marie in Ontario, a town bordered by three of the Great Lakes. You'll then travel across Lake Huron, stopping off at Little Current, Parry Sound, and Midland before taking a trip across dry land to Toronto, where you can visit Lake Ontario.

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2.Victory Cruise Lines - Great Lakes Grand Discovery - Victory II

Victory Cruise Lines - Great Lakes Grand Discovery - Victory II
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The 'Great Lakes Grand Discovery' cruise is the perfect option for people who want to see and experience every single one of the five Great Lakes of North America from the comfort of a luxurious cruise ship. This cruise lasts for nine nights, and you can get a great deal with a lot of savings if you choose to book in advance. The cruise lets you sail on the waters of all five Great Lakes, as well as visiting key big and little cities along the shores of the lakes like Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto, and Mackinac Island.

This Great Lakes cruise lets you travel on board the Victory II from Victory Cruise Lines. A 202 passenger ship, the Victory II is a beautifully decorated and neatly laid-out ship that is very easy to navigate and a joy to travel upon. You'll find very friendly, attentive, caring crew members on board this vessel who will stop at nothing to ensure that you and your fellow passengers have the best possible time. You'll also find on-board experts who can share information about the lakes and stops you'll be visiting, along with tour guides who can arrange various tours and activities at the different stops.

This amazing cruise starts off in the big city of Chicago, setting off across Lake Michigan and letting you admire the amazing scenery on all sides as you approach Mackinac Island, a little island set between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. You'll also visit Sault Saint Marie, as well as stopping off at Little Current, and then the big cities of Detroit and Cleveland. But the adventure doesn't end there! You next stop will be the iconic Niagara Falls before a trip over to Toronto where the cruise will come to an end.

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Best Great Lakes Cruises