Situated out on Massachusetts Bay, Boston Harbor is one of the most historic coastal landmarks in all of New England. First discovered by European settlers in the early 17th century, this harbor has played a key role in the formation and development of the modern United States of America.


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It was here that the Boston Tea Party occurred, in which the Sons of Liberty protested against the British by dumping an entire shipment of tea into the harbor, escalating tensions between colonists and the British government which eventually led to the American Revolutionary War. The harbor also greatly helped in the development of Boston as a key industrial and economic center for New England and the Eastern United States in general, being the home of the Port of Boston.

As well as being a historically and economically significant location, Boston Harbor is also a beautiful one. The landscape has changed over time as Boston has developed into a larger and more modern city, but the views have always been brilliant and the scenery has always been stunning at this harbor, making it a wonderful place to explore by boat.

If you're looking to take in the beauty of Boston Harbor out on the water itself, Boston Harbor Cruises could be just what you need. Founded by Boston native and water-lover Matty Hughes back in the 1920s as a way for Bostonians to cool off in the summer heat and enjoy the beauty of the harbor from a new angle, Boston Harbor Cruises is now the leading provider of cruises all around Boston Harbor, offering an array of different options to suit families, couples, and travelers from all over the globe.

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2.Best Boston Harbor Cruises

Best Boston Harbor Cruises
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Tickets for Boston Harbor Cruises can be bought online or over the phone at 1 877 SEE WHALE, and there are several different cruise options to choose from. Read on to learn a little more about some of the best Boston Harbor Cruises.

- Sunset Boston Harbor Cruises

Nothing beats the Boston Harbor at sunset. As the sun starts to go down and the sky is lit up in an array of blues, pinks, reds, oranges, golds, and more, it's a stunning sight and the Boston skyline becomes even more beautiful at this time of day, so it's a super moment to be out on the water on a Boston Harbor cruise. There are actually two different cruise options for people wishing to travel around the Boston Harbor in the early evening.

The Sunset Sightseeing Cruise runs for 90-minutes and is a fully narrated cruise that teaches you all about the history and significance of Boston Harbor as you sail around and look out for some of the most importnat landmarks, including the firing of the cannon and lowering of the flag at the USS Constitution. The Sunset Cocktail Cruise, meanwhile, is a different kind of cruise. Offering a 90-minute romantic getaway for couples or a fun way to spend an evening with friends, this sunset Boston Harbor cruise is adults-only and lets you enjoy some drinks and good company as you admire the sunset.

- Historic Sightseeing Boston Harbor Cruise

The 'Historic Sightseeing Boston Harbor Cruise', as its name suggests, is focused entirely on the history and key sites all around Boston Harbor. Running all year long, this is one of the most popular Boston Harbor cruise options and can appeal to people of all ages.

This is a 90-minute cruise that is fully narrated the whole way, with your friendly, passionate guide sharing historical stories and amazing tales of the various roles the harbor has played over the years.

You'll learn all about how the Boston Harbor helped to incite the Revolutionary War, as well as visiting the oldest continuously manned lighthouse in the country, sailing past the Harbor Islands National Park Area, heading deep inland all the way to the Charles River past Logan International Airport, and much more.

- Sea the Stars Boston Harbor Cruise

Boston Harbor is beautiful at any time of day or night, and that's exactly what you'll see on the 'Sea the Stars Boston Harbor Cruise'. Together with the Museum of Science, Boston Harbor Cruises has devised this amazing cruise option for people who want to enjoy the beauty and wonder of Boston Harbor after the sun has set and the city is sleeping.

The various sparkly lights of the Boston skyline are echoed up above as countless stars spread out all around you for this three-hour cruise which is both entertaining and educational. Leading astronomers from the Museum of Science will be on board providing commentary and teaching you all about star identification, celestial navigation, and much more.

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3 Best Boston Harbor Cruises