After experiencing her own fair share of the paranormal during her childhood, Courtney McInvale Reardon started Seaside Shadows to show guests the paranormal side of Mystic. Courtney grew up haunted in her childhood home, which was investigated by the famous Warren family, and now shares the secrets of the paranormal and the unexplained with guests during her tours. Guests also learn about Mystic Country's darker history as well as lesser-known facts about ghostly apparitions. Tour participants will also hear about events dating back from the 1600s through to the present day that have led to the development of active spirits and spooky tales throughout the iconic Mystic community in Connecticut.

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The Mystic Downtown Tour starts at Mystic River Park, at a sign located on the sidewalk. The sidewalk starts by the Mystic Drawbridge on Cottrell Street, along the Stonington side of the river. Tickets can be bought here, and the tour then heads to Mystic River Park's boardwalk to begin the tour. This tour travels through the bustling downtown landscape of restaurants and shops that surround the well-known drawbridge. The 90-minute Mystic Downtown Tour is available on Thursday and Saturday nights, and is less than a mile in length. The tour doesn't end where it started, although the starting point of the isn't too far from the ending point.

Seaside Shadows' Mystic Moonlight Graveyard Tour takes place on Friday and Sunday nights. This tour explores the Whitehall Burial Ground in Mystic. Participants will walk through the cemetery that is associated with the Whitehall Mansion and its famously sighted ghostly apparitions. The Mystic Moonlight Graveyard Tour lasts about 60 to 70 minutes and is a shorter than the downtown tour. Guests should be aware that while the Whitehall Burial Ground is small, the terrain is uneven and this is no paved walkway.

The New London Moonlit Graveyard Tour explores the Ye Antientist Burial Ground in New London. The times of this tour vary by season, although often happen on weekdays, and the tour is offered on special holidays and nights with a full moon. The tour starts at the gated entrance sign on Hempstead Street. Proceeds of the tour are donated to the burial ground, the most historic one in Connecticut. Tour-goers will hear the true tales of the founders of Connecticut, who are buried in the Ye Antientist Burial Ground, as well as the ghosts that sometimes appear.

There are many different legends and spooky tales to hear about on a Seaside Shadows tour, whether it is a trip to a graveyard or downtown Mystic. Courtney is a Connecticut native and is no stranger to the paranormal. She is able to answer most guests' questions about the other side and leads visitors on a paranormal trek by the light of her lantern. Some of the answers she can provide are how to capture a picture of a ghost, how people kept spirits from their homes in the 1800s, and where Mystic's famous giggling ghost visits dining guests. Tour-goers will also learn which ghost left footprints on the floor of a famous establishment as well as which famous ministers, doctors, and soldiers visit their final resting places.

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