More and more people are trying to eat healthier foods each and every day. As the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”, and it’s vital to choose quality foods that provide all the vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients our bodies need in order to enjoy happy and healthy lives.

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There are plenty of processed foods out there with all kinds of harmful additives and chemical ingredients, but there are plenty of purer and more natural foods being provided too, and RollinGreens is one of the companies providing a unique and healthy alternative to a classic American treat: tater tots.

RollinGreens - Plant-Based Comfort Food from Colorado

Making use of a genuine superfood to create a range of wholesome, healthy, and delicious snacks, RollinGreens is the creator of Millet Tots. These delicious tots are similar in appearance and texture to classic tater tots, but are made with millet, a nutrient rich grain crop grown right in Colorado soil. Bringing plant-based comfort food direct from Colorado to your dinner table, RollinGreens is offering some new and exciting flavors the whole family can enjoy.

- Delicious Flavors - Right now, Millet Tots are available in a great range of delicious and varied flavors. The Organic Sweet Potato and Poblano Chili flavor, for example, offers a little fiery kick balanced out with subtle sweetness. The Organic Basil and Garlic Millet Tots, meanwhile, provide the perfect flavor to accompany all kinds of dishes and recipes, while the Organic Onion and Sea Salt Millet Tots offer a timeless, classic kind of flavor that everyone can appreciate. Only the finest quality, organic ingredients are chosen to be a part of each recipe and perfectly balanced to provide satisfying savors and delicious experiences in every bite.

- Plant-Based - At a time when more and more people are taking a look at their diets and thinking of ways to improve them, we’re seeing a big shift towards plant-based foods. Offering pure nutrients and vitamins straight from the Earth, plant-based snacks can provide some big health benefits and definitely need to feature as a key part of any healthy diet. If you’re looking to add some more plant-based ingredients and elements to your daily meals, Millet Tots are an excellent addition to choose.

- Filled with Nutrients - One of the big reasons Millet Tots are already proving so popular is down to their high nutrient and mineral content. A typical serving of Millet Tots is especially rich in highly important minerals like magnesium, calcium, manganese, and phosphorous. Millet, a true superfood, is also filled up with B vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber too. These kinds of ingredients and elements are essential for countless bodily processes and can provide some major health benefits in terms of reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels and boosting the immune system too.

- Gluten-Free - Many people are opting for gluten-free diets these days as the potential dangers and side effects of gluten consumption are becoming clearer through scientific research. Millet Tots from RollinGreens are completely gluten-free, making them a delicious and ideal option for anyone choosing to follow this diet or recommended to cut down on gluten by their doctor or dietician. It can be quite difficult to find gluten-free sources of fiber in order to aid the digestive system and keep your energy levels up, but that’s exactly what Millet Tots are able to provide.

- The Only Non Potato Whole Grain Tot - Millet Tots are totally unique in that they're actually the only whole grain tot to feature no potato at all. Created by a husband and wife team of Chef Ryan Cunningham and Lindsey Cunningham, RollinGreens' Millet Tots are quite unlike anything else you've ever tasted before and are definitely worth trying out. They’re highly versatile, just like classic tater tots, able to match perfectly with many other dishes and are very popular with children too. Many parents are trying to get their kids to eat more whole grains and healthy, plant-based foods: Millet Tots could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

RollinGreens delicious millet tots provide a healthy and delicious side dish or snack for your family and can be enjoyed with a wide variety of meals or on their own. RollinGreens Millet Tots are sold online with Good Eggs and Mylk Guys, as well as in dozens of stores nationwide, including many Whole Foods locations. Use the store locator or contact the team by calling 303 898 5026 to learn more. website