Powerhouse Science Center

When it comes to choosing a location for a fun family outing, there is nothing quite as exciting as taking the kids to a place where they can interact with things they don’t ordinarily see, while learning more about the world around them.

The Powerhouse Science Center is a place for fun and learning all packed into one which managed to capture the attention and hearts of the kids and adults. Previously known as the Durango Discovery Museum, this institution in Durango, CO is one of the best interactive science museums around. Since its location was originally a power plant, the museum pays homage to the impact that electricity generation has on our lives while focusing on the greater aspects of energy production and conservation. Powerhouse Science Center



When it comes to fun and interactive learning tools, not many exist that benefit little ones and provide them with a good understanding while keeping their attention. The Powerhouse Science Center has programs that are specially designed to cater to kids of all ages to teach them about the science of the things that surround us. The Powerhouse Science Center has numerous programs that aim to make a difference in children’s lives while teaching them more about the world and the numerous scientific discoveries that have changed our lives. The Powerhouse Science Center also provides guided tours in order to give you and your children a better understanding of the numerous scientific exhibits on offer here.

The Powerhouse Science Center has a special program that teaches toddlers the very basics of science and to get their tiny minds thinking about how everything works. This program provides lessons catered to toddlers and kids under the age of five, offering a fun way to explore the science behind things. The museum believes that no child is too young to enter the world of science and hence these programs are designed for children who may not have been exposed to the world of science and technology before.

Sudden Science is another program catered towards youth and teenagers to develop their scientific knowledge and help them grow and learn in the field of science. The museum hosts science classes to ignite the spark of learning in the youth with the hope that one day they may join a scientific field. Even if the idea of them becoming scientists seems a little far-fetched, the program is especially useful to teach kids the basics of how the world functions and the science behind it. This program is also a good supplement for the education of kids and teens and only runs after school and on the weekends. Since its inception, the program has made tremendous progress, and some of the children involved in this program have gone on to participate in incredibly innovative and smart projects, increasing their scope for good science grades.

The Maker Lab is one of the most fun programs hosted at the Powerhouse Science Center and is where super geniuses are born and inventions are made. The Maker Lab is specially designed for kids of all age groups to come and experiment with their innovations and creations. This space also gives kids total creative freedom to invent anything they like and is a great space to learn more about science. Photo: Powerhouse Science Center

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»Plan Your Visit

Plan Your Visit

If you are just visiting the museum for a day with your family, then regular admission tickets are available at the ticket counter at the entrance. However, to register for one of the kids’ programs, it is advised to contact the museum first via phone or the website to check availability.

Back to: Durango, CO Address: 1333 Camino del Rio, Durango, CO 81301, website, Phone: 970-259-9234 Photo: Powerhouse Science Center

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Powerhouse Science Center in Durango, CO

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