Why do people travel? Everyone has their reasons, but one of the most common reasons any typical traveler would give to explain their wanderlust is the desire to see new sights, explore different ideas, and learn things they never knew before. One of the best ways to learn and make the most of a vacation is by engaging and exchanging ideas with other travelers, and the best way to go about this is to stay in a hostel. Unlike hotels, which are often impersonal and bland, hostels are lively, friendly places with communal spaces to encourage each and every guest to come out of their shell and share with the others. Hostels will often even arrange organized activities and social events to help everyone have the best time.

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Hostels can be found all around the United States, especially in and around the biggest cities, and Denver, Colorado is no exception. Denver, also known as the Mile High City, isn’t known as a top for hostels but does still have a few highly-rated locations to choose from. These Denver hostels provide comfortable rooms, cozy settings, communal lounges, and all sorts of helpful services like free internet access, good quality food and drinks, long lists of activities, and so much more. So if you’re thinking of visiting Denver, checking in at a hostel is a great way to really make some lifelong memories and enjoy the city like never before.

Best Hostels in Denver

If you’re a budget-conscious traveler planning a trip to Denver, stopping in a hostel is a smart idea. It’ll help you cut down the costs of your journey and put your hard-earned cash towards more useful things like food, souvenirs, activities, and transport. These Denver hostel locations will also give you a great chance of meeting different people and forging new friendships. Read on to learn all about the best hostels in Denver.

- Hostel Fish - 1217 20th St, Denver, CO 80202, Phone: 303-954-0962

If you want a hostel with a little extra class and style, Hostel Fish is one of Denver's best locations. Nicely situated near several of the city's big attractions, with lots of good bars and eateries in the local neighborhood, this Denver hostel has themes for each of its dorms, adding some life and color to every living space and making them all unique.

Both female-only and mixed dorms are available for reservation, with clean shared bathrooms used by all dorm guests. Private rooms with en-suite facilities are also available, and this hostel has a long list of amenities including organized activities around Denver, a stylish communal lounge, and a deck area with views around the city.

- Ember Hostel - 857 Grant St, Denver, CO 80203, Phone: 303-942-1633

Located in a beautiful old mansion with a lot of history behind it, Ember Hostel feels in many ways more like an upscale hotel than a simple hostel. This adults-only location is just short journeys away from some of Denver's key locations like the Art Museum and Botanic Gardens. Both single-gender and mixed dorms can be found at Ember Hostel, decorated beautiful with old-fashioned wooden bunk beds, cozy fireplaces, and even personal curtains to give yourself some privacy when needed.

Given that this is one of the fanciest hostels in Denver, Ember Hostel's rates are a little higher than the competition but if you can stretch your budget, a stay at this hostel is definitely worth it. The owners have really made the most of all the space in the mansion, offering a bunch of different communal areas for guests to relax, socialize, and enjoy themselves, including a courtyard area and multiple lounges with elegant chairs and roaring fireplaces.

- 11th Avenue Hostel - 1112 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203, Phone: 303-894-0529

Housed in an old-fashioned, industrial style bulding, 11th Avenue Hostel is another great hostel spot in Colorado's capital city. It's also in a great location right near downtown Denver, jut short walks away from key locations like the Museum of Art or History Colorado Center. Rooms and dorms are relatively simple at this location, but if you're just looking for a clean and comfortable place to rest your head each night, 11th Avenue Hostel has got you covered.

Dorms can feature both en-suite or shared bathrooms, and there are private rooms too. The dorms have the unique advantage of featuring their own living areas, complete with mini-fridges and kitchen equipment. A laundry facility is also located on site for the use of guests and there's a nice outdoor terrace spot for new friends to hang out and have barbecues on warm nights.