In 1887, the most famous and one of the oldest mines, the Country Boy Mine, was founded in Summit County of Colorado. The mine was well known for its production of silver and gold early on in its more than one hundred years of history. It later gained national attention for its large production of zinc and lead, which was used during both World Wars.

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Visitors to the Country Boy Mine can journey more than one thousand feet into the mountain during one of the site’s exciting and fascinating mine tours, exploring the mine’s original workings and experiencing what it must have been like for miners so many years ago. During the forty-five minute tour, guests will learn from a knowledgeable guide how the mine’s tunnels were made and what tools were needed to do so. Guides also share about the perseverance of these dedicated miners, as well as the dangers these brave men faced every day while working in the mine. Visitors can put on a hard hat, listen to tales about the blasting monkey, watch a demonstration of using a jack leg drill, and learn more about the history of mining in Colorado.

During their visit to the Country Boy Mine, guests can take a closer look at some original equipment for mining, view old photographs, and explore several different exhibits that provide them with a glimpse of the mine’s past. Visitors can wander throughout restored historic buildings, including the Blacksmith Shop and the Compressor House. The site of the mine also features spectacular view of the Ten Mile Mountain range, making it a great area to enjoy a picnic or simply sit back and relax in the sun. While walking through the park, guests will find information they can read about the historic French Gulch, the valley in which the mine is situated.

Gold panning is just one of the several other activities that visitors can enjoy in addition to a tour at the Country Boy Mine. Guests may overhear some shouting “gold” while walking through by Eureka Creek of the Blacksmith Shop as people pan for real gold. The gold panning experience at the mine includes easy lessons, a pan to use, some dirt, and plenty of patience on the part of guests. A knowledgeable guide assists visitors with their gold panning experience, and sometimes even share some special techniques, hints, or secrets to panning gold. These guides will also help visitors determine if they have fools gold or real gold. Visitors are welcome to try their luck at gold panning for just an hour or for an entire afternoon.

Visitors should keep something in mind while they are gold panning at the Country Boy Mine, that they are prospecting for gold in the famous French Gulch, which is named after the man who first found gold in the area, French Pete. The French Gulch is the same exact gulch where the largest mass of gold was ever discovered in the state of Colorado. This enormous gold mass that was found was named “Tom’s Baby.”

The interactive gold town experience lets visitors learn about the history of Breckenridge, get involved in a bank robbery and visit a the town Marshall.

0542 French Gulch Road, Breckenridge, Colorado, Phone: 970-453-4405

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