There's nowhere quite like the Caribbean. Ranked time and time again as the best vacation destination on the planet by multitudes of travel experts all over the world, the Caribbean Sea is home to dozens of island nations, each with their own charms and advantages. The most popular Caribbean vacation destination of all is the Dominican Republic, with over 6 million people visiting this nation each and every year.

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Located on an island which it shares with Haiti, the Dominican Republic is renowned worldwide for its gorgeous white sand beaches, wonderful diversity, breath-taking natural sites, luxury resorts, and more. It's the perfect place for everyone from families with young children to party-going groups of friends to nature lovers, elderly couples, solo travelers, and more.

Planning out a Dominican Republic vacation can be a thrilling experience, but it's vital to choose the perfect place to stay. Deciding on your accommodation is a big part of your vacation plan process, as the place where you rest your head each night can really make a big difference to the quality of your stay. For a truly magical stay in the Dominican Republic at one of the nation’s best hotels, choose Natura Cabana.

Natura Cabana - Dominican Republic Hotel

Natura Cabana is a wonderful boutique hotel and spa located just a few miles outside of Cabarete, one of the liveliest locations in the Dominican Republic.

This hotel lets you enjoy all the restaurants, shops, water sports, parties, and more of Cabarete whenever you like, while also having the comfort of being able to retreat your own little beachfront haven for some peace and tranquillity when you need it.

A relaxing, soothing location offering world class accommodation and a range of additional amenities, extras, and activities, Natura Cabana stands out as one of the top places to stay in the Dominican Republic. Read on to learn all about this hotel.

- A Wonderful Story - Natura Cabana was founded by a Chilean couple who first visited the Dominican Republic with their four daughters back in the late 1990s. They loved the nation so much that they decided to try and start a life there for themselves. They arrived without a plan or any work, but had passion and faith in themselves to make something special. Making the most of their respective skills in architecture and homeopathy, the husband and wife team decided to create a luxury cabana retreat, surrounded by nature, where people could feel totally at peace, enjoying the beauty of the Dominican Republic and slipping into states of total relaxation, a million miles from the worries and stresses of their daily lives.

- Natura Cabana Accommodation - You'll find a dozen different cabanas at Natura Cabana. Each one has been lovingly crafted and sensibly furnished to adhere to the age-old principles of Feng Shui. This has been done in order to ensure that your stay is as relaxing and peaceful as possible, with the cabanas standing out for their harmonious layouts and attractive interior design. Each of the cabanas, or bungalows, is made from local materials like wood, shells, and stones. The bungalows are available in various sizes to suit couples, families, and more, with the largest options having three bedrooms in total.

- In-Room Amenities - The bungalows at Natura Cabana are all unique, with each one having been lovingly designed and brought to life in a harmonious way. You'll find many useful amenities and features in your accommodation including reliable Wi-Fi access, ceiling fans to cool off from the hot Caribbean sun, organic bath products, healthy breakfasts, power outlets, timely housekeeping services, round the clock security patrols, luxury bed linen, and more.

- Dining - You'll find two different restaurants to enjoy at Natura Cabana, with past guests rating this hotel as one of the best places to eat in the Dominican Republic, especially around the Cabarete area. Karaya Restaurant is the daytime option, serving breakfast and lunch each day from 8am through to 5pm and specializing in the likes of salads and sandwiches. The dinner restaurant, Natura Restaurant, opens up at 6pm and remains open until 11pm, providing a fusion of Asian flavors and Caribbean-infused delicacies, with several vegan and vegetarian options available too.

- Yoga at Natura Cabana - Natura Cabana is one of the best hotels to choose in the Dominican Republic if you enjoy yoga and wellness. Yoga is a big part of the experience for guests at Natura Cabana, with various yoga classes and mediation sessions being held regularly, as well as pilates classes. The Natura Cabana hotel complex actually has its own yoga temple, with expert instructors running weekly classes aimed at everyone from beginners to seasoned yoga pros. Enjoying some yoga at your Dominican Republic hotel is a wonderful way to relax after a long day spent seeing the sights or enjoying exciting water sports at nearby locations like Encuentro Beach and Sosua Beach.

- Spa Facilities at Natura Cabana - As well as offering yoga and meditation, Natura Cabana also provides a series of spa services and wellness treatments in an effort to really provide fully luxurious relaxation experiences for all guests. There's no better way to relax than stepping into the Natura Cabana Attabeyra Spa and enjoying a soothing Aromabeyra massage, Arcillawine wrap, or Supreme Hydration facial. Various other treatments are available in an 'a la carte' system, letting you pick and choose the services you desire.

- Weddings in the Dominican Republic - Your big day is one you'll remember and look back on your entire life. You only get to live it once, so it's vital to make the most of it and really do all you can to make it as special and magical as possible. Can you imagine how exciting your wedding day would be if you were saying "I do" with the sound of the waves behind you and the feeling of soft, white sand beneath your feet? Well, at Natura Cabana, that's exactly what you can have. This hotel lets you enjoy a Dominican Republic wedding like no other, offering fully personalized catering services to provide the perfect wedding experience. website