Rose Hall, surrounded by sunny beaches, green hillsides, and sparkling seas, offers many different choices for leisure activities for its guests. Life at the resort community of Rose Hall in the Caribbean is one of the most desired within all of the West Indies. Whether guests choose to tour the stunningly restored Plantation Great House, play a round of golf at one of the resort’s two championship courses, or build their own dream home, the experience at Rose Hall can be visitors’ own unique experience in Jamaica.

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Visitors can explore the Plantation Great House from the eighteenth century during the day, taking in the amazing celebration in architecture of the culture and heritage of Jamaica. Guests can learn about the “White Witch of Rose Hall,” Annee Palmer, who was the famous Lady of the House. Once the sun goes down, the Great House of Rose Hall becomes the site of the resort’s Rose Hall Great House Haunted Night Tour, which isn’t so much for those who may be faint of heart. The spine-chilling interactive night tour may bring guests face-to-face with the famed Annee Palmer, a woman known for enchanting anyone whom she encountered. It’s also known that nobody who happened to cross her managed to survive to tell the story.

The Rose Hall Great House and Garden Tour immerses guests into the island of Jamaica’s heritage as a knowledgeable guide tells the tale of the once in ruin colonial manor that has been restored during the 1960’s to its former glory. Visitors can learn during the tour about the various aspect of the lives of the bourgeoisie from Europe on the islands of the Caribbean Sea during the eighteenth century. The story of the famed Annee Palmer, the White Witch of Rose Hall, is also shared during the Great House and Garden Tour, and is sure to delight anyone who loves mystery of ghost stories. The experience of guests are enhanced by personalities and stunning tropical gardens along the way.

The late John Rollins, who was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America, came to Jamaica during the 1960’s. He fell in love with the island, and ended up purchasing the seven-thousand-acre Rose Hall Plantation that featured pristine land, alluring sea to majestic mountainside. The large Great House on the plantation was restored to its glory of its former days, including a restoration of its beautiful decor and collection of interior furnishings that reflect the Colonial style of the eighteenth century.

The vision of the Rollins family was always to transform the plantation into a serene paradise for the family, as well as for other people who seek a home in the Caribbean. Today, the Rollins family still continue the dream of John Rollins in their desire to create a vacation resort of the highest standards. The luxury vacation houses and elaborate resorts at Rose Hall is the result of nurturing its development over fifty years. Rose Hall today is considered a jewel of Montego Bay with its award-winning championship golf courses, shopping opportunities, five-star resorts, and attractions that provide entertainment and delight to anyone who comes to experience this area of Jamaica.

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